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  1. "new" 2005 CR-V - 49k miles - did lot of maintenance

    Maintenance and Service
    Just got our "new" CR-V. I know a lot of the following is ahead of maintenace schedule. I like to know I'm starting ok with a 'new" vehicle. I have the maintenance records and the tranny and diff was done at 31k. I'll probably do it myself in the next couple of weeks. 1) Replaced rear rotors...
  2. Newbie with 99 CRV !49K Miles

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi All, Its good to find the forum now I am new to CRV owning. I'm in the UK and just bought a 1999 CRV ES 2000 Auto. Great shiny condition and drives great. I have a couple of problems I would like help on. 1) Clunking from front when over uneven bumps. Speed bumps OK sound like bushes. Are...