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  1. Good offer? 2017 Touring with 5000 Miles - $28k?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    CR-Vs seem to be so popular that the used prices hold amazingly well. I was offered a 2017 Touring with 5K miles for $28k. Seems like I can get a new 2018 Touring (brand new) for $30k. Which would you go with?
  2. Clutch Problems after 5000 miles#

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi, I purchased a brand new 'black edition' CR-V in march and after just over 5000 miles there was a smell of burning clutch. I took the car back to Honda Perth who took the car in and supplied me with a Jazz to run about in. They contacted me and told me my clutch was the problem and they would...
  3. 5000 mile trip

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Has anybody taken their 2017 CRV on a very long road trip? Any tips,tricks or complaints, or is it all good? In July I am taking a 5200 mile trip with our new CRV, I do not know what to expect
  4. 2010 CR-V Pioneer Avic 5000 NEX Installed with Apple CarPlay

    Mobile Electronics
    For anyone looking to install an Apple Car Play system in there car I highly recommend the Avic NEX series. I have installed several of these in various cars over the past 2 years and they work great.You can buy them refurb'd from Pioneer on eBay. I paid 375.00 for this unit (full warranty) on...
  5. Nitrogen in tires $ 50.00 per tire on new vechicles FYI

    Maintenance and Service
    I noticed the dealer has "add-ons" on the new vechicles. One is Nitrogen in the tires-for $ 199.00 really? Ok lets take this apart. I called the welding shop- a 300cu.ft tank of nitrogen is $29.00, and that includes the price of the rental for a month. So $30.00 for 300cu.ft .A 15" x 9" tire...
  6. Nexen 5000 tires on 2006 CR-V eEX

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Anybody used these tires? Are they as good as advertised, mileage- and performance-wise? Just wondering. Thanks!
  7. Engine weird after 5000 mile oil change? (2013 CR-V EX AWD)

    Problems & Issues
    I had the oil change at 5%, around 6000 miles, my dad usually drives the CR-V, but I take it over the weekends, today it was the first time I've driven it since the oil change, at the engine just feels weird, first of all, since the oil change, he had to refuel it 2 times last week, he usually...
  8. Re: 2012 crv auto/2wd/ 5000 miles report

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Re: 2012 crv auto/2wd/ 5000 miles report OVERALL I AM SATISFIED WITH THE VEHICLE ( BY NO MEANS THRILLED) , i get many compliments on the looks ( i got the upgraded appearance package, my CRV is loaded, except for navigation, my choice) . very disappointed with city MPG ( MAYBE 17 MPG, using...
  9. 5000 mile service?

    Maintenance and Service
    I received a flyer from the local dealer with various specials. One of the "specials" is a 5000 mile or 4 month service, which includes oil change, BG protection plan kit, rotate tires, etc etc. What is a BG protection plan kit? How often do you change your oil? Is this service critical? Thanks.
  10. 5000 miles on 2010 and trans fluild down qt

    Problems & Issues
    I never checked the transmission fluid till this point. I have noticed a slippage sometimes when putting it in gear and going forward. I figured I would check it today as I was doing an oil change. It was a qt low, hot it was just on the end of the dipstick, a quart of dw-1 ( 9 bucks a qt ouch...
  11. 2010 crv EX w/almost 5000 miles

    Maintenance and Service
    I almost have 5000 miles and haven't done any maintence yet. Should I just wait for the lights to come on to service? I haven't rotated tires or anything. Let me know what you think please.
  12. Congratulations T-Mac 5000 + Members

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Congratulations T-Mac and CRV-OC. We just passed 5000 members! Threads: 3,569, Posts: 22,643, Members: 5,001 Welcome to our newest member, PNGJohn I missed who was #5000, so Welcome PNGJohn our 5001st member! At 27,002 members in the EOC, we are only 22,001 members behind...