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  1. 2012 with 50K miles. DIY Brake job recommendations?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi all, I have a 2012 CR-v EX that I bought as Honda certified used in 2014. All maintenance since has been done by Honda dealers. I am recently unemployed, and the CR-v now has almost 50K miles on it. Seems like a good time to get back in touch with my inner "Shadytree mechanic"... I am going...
  2. Tranny fluid flush after 50K? Go, no go?

    Maintenance and Service
    There's a bit of a controversy in the "Official" tranny flush thread that's pinned, whether or not the fluid should be flushed after 60K because it will stir up gunk that may clog the internals of the tranny. Does this mean you shouldn't change it after 60K if it's never been done before or it...
  3. 2004 CR-V 200k motor run low on oil. Have a duplicate engine with 50K from a Junkyard

    Problems & Issues
    My best friend has owned this CR-V for it's life and he drives slow & steady, no fast cornering and it is PERFECT to look at, inside and out. He didn't realize the ,engine was burning oil and at 2800 miles (200 before oil change) He GAVE IT TO ME! WHEEEEEEEEEEE. he was so low he burned it out...
  4. 2010 w/ major oil leak @ less than 50K miles. HELP PLEASE.

    Problems & Issues
    This is my wife's car and she got it new. It's been well maintained and (with the exception of the dealer's first oil change and new tires by Costco) all work has been done by me with correct HQ full synthetic oil and HQ filter (usually K&N). I am meticulous about the correct amount, weight, and...
  5. 2007 crv 50k maintenance

    Maintenance and Service
    I'm bringing in my 2007 crv to the dealer for repairs (catalytic I think), so while I am there, I should get some other maintenance done. So far, I've only had oil changes, tire rotations, rear diff fluid changes and brake pad changes. What have I missed and what should I get done at 50k...