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  1. Does changing my oil myself void 60K warranty?

    Maintenance and Service
    If not how do you prove your oil changes?
  2. almsot 60k maintenance minder has yet to tell me anyting?

    Maintenance and Service
    besides oil changes the maintenance minder has not told me to do anything to my 2011 AWD CR-V. Is that normal? I reset it after oil change. I've been thinking about doing the spark plugs and automatic transmission fluid, i was under the impression that the maintenance minder would tell you to...
  3. Looking for 60K service suggestions

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I have a 2012 Honday CRV with 59.5K miles on it. I am in the process of doing the 60K service this weekend. So far I have done the following: 1. Change engine oil and filter: Used synthetic oil but not high mileage. I plan to wait till 75K before switching to a high mileage oil. 2...
  4. 2010 CRV Serpentine belt crack 60k

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, first post. I just found out there is a small crack on the belt(see the picture attached), and the crack looks like this is a joint. But I guess the belt should be made in a whole and no joint at all. Should I replace this belt? Thanks.
  5. 60K Maintenance

    Maintenance and Service
    I am trying to budget some stuff and was wondering aprroximately expect to pay for my 60K maintenance. I have seen some posts saying that someone paid almot $1000 for this.
  6. What should I do my 2007 at 60k miles ?

    Problems & Issues
    I'm not too aggressive with maintenance, don't trust the dealership much. So far I've done this: oil changes replaced rear diff fluid at 30k... car was making a noise, a TSB covered this, so no charge. replaced cabin air filter once (myself), since the dealer wanted a ridiculous fee for...