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  1. Hearing a random squeal about 30mph & 80mph

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, this is my first post. Thanks in advanced for your help! We have a 2011 Honda CR-V LX AWD 5-speed with 94k miles. Once in a while, we hear a squeal lasting about a second as we are accelerating at about 30 mph and 80 mph. The car has been faithfully maintained. I just drained and filled the...
  2. Self deceleration from 80mph to 60mph when on highway.

    Problems & Issues
    When on the highway after about an hour and a half, our 2004 CRV decelerates and drops to 60mph and accelerator (gas pedal) does not function until after it decelerates to about 60mph. What causes this? How can it be remedied?
  3. Should I really work hard to get 80mph?

    Problems & Issues
    Test drove a used 2008 CRV EXL @ 41.5k miles. I test drove on a freeway. With empty cargo, no A/C on, two adults onboard, flat slope, it was not easy to exceed 80mph.. I could reach 70mph comfortably. But to reach 80mph I had to push the pedal more than I thought I should. Beyond 80mph, I...