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  1. 2005 crv se 85k miles loosing coolant in the reservoir?

    Problems & Issues
    Already replaced the radiator. I filled up the coolant reservoir in the morning and the next day it will be drop to low. The mechanic already pressure test the system. There are no sign of leak? No heavy white smoke. What else can it be?
  2. Tyres almost worn at 8.5k miles!!

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I have a ctdi with the factory supplied 19" Yokahama Advan sport tyres. My fronts are almost worn to the 1.6mm markers after 8500 miles!!! Ive done a bit of research and it seems the Advan sports have quite a poor wear rating, but even so, ive never had a car wear tyres at this rate. The rear...