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  1. 90K Service Needs

    Maintenance and Service
    My wife's 2011 is coming up on 90K miles. Since we plan to keep it 2-3 more years, we want to make sure that we do the necessary service. Are there any major services coming up!? Our dealer isn't very helpful. Lol
  2. What should I price this '03 EX w/ 90k miles?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I bought a 1-owner 2003 cr-v EX with manual transmission from a dealership in sunny San Diego about 9 years ago. At the time, it still had some warranty left and probably 28k miles. There was a small golf-ball sized dent in the rear driver q-panel that I never had popped out, the previous owner...
  3. Advice on what to look for on 2003 CRV with 90k?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi, my neighbour will soon be giving us first refusal on her 2003 CRV. I'm not sure on the exact model but its petrol automatic with the chrome side steps, alloy wheels, leather, sat nav, sunroof etc. I think it may be a sport or exec model. They have owned it for many years and I think they...
  4. 2007 crv with 90K miles: major maintenance help!

    Maintenance and Service
    I had my cr-v in for a 90,000 mile maintenance at Honda back in December. As they did nothing with the timing chain, I'm wondering whether I need to take care of that. I have it in at a mechanic now for an air conditioning issue and want to make sure the car is safe for an 2000 mile road trip...
  5. just did a big service DIY @ 90k kms!

    Maintenance and Service
    so my wife's '06 CRV just ticked over 90,000kms. while i was at her folk's place recently i did a big service, taking advantage of the father-in-law's car lift and air tools (he's a mechanic): - front and rear brake rotors & pads (Beck Arnley rotors, Akebono PROAct pads) - manual...
  6. NJ residents, if you need to get your 90k servicing done now is the time

    Maintenance and Service
    Hamilton Honda (about 30 minutes outside of Trenton, NJ) has been running a special on the 90k maintenance. This is the serpentine belt, timing belt, water pump etc... Price is parts plus $100, that's it. They aren't advertising it anymore but it is still good. If you are in the area and...
  7. 90k service on 02 CRV - worth it?

    Maintenance and Service
    My wife's 02 CRV just passed 90k, the maintenance schedule shows a time belt adjustment and a rear differential fluid change. Is this a worthwhile item or can it be delayed till later? Thanks
  8. some 90k maintenence vids

    Maintenance and Service
    Ok, I just videotaped some of my 90k maintenence on 2003 CRV cabin filter: air filter: auto trans fluid: oil change and coolant change to come much later - it's on...