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  1. bad oil leak behind alternator 99crv what gives?

    Problems & Issues
    thought i had a leak in the back left corner of my oil pan. turns out the oil is coming from behind the alternator, or so it seems. haven't quite got it out yet but does anybody have an idea of what could be leaking there? my worst thought is an oil plug from the block manufacturing process...
  2. HardRace kit 99CRV RD1

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hey Guys/Gals, I've been trying to find out what mix of hard race compliance bushings from hard race for front LCA and rear trailing arms I need. I've heard I need a mix of EK & EG civic but, idk which goes for LCA and rear traing arms. I know this isn't a civic forum and I've also posted this...
  3. Cold Start rpm, 99CRV, 180k miles

    Problems & Issues
    When my CRV was newer at cold start it revs to 1,500rpm and gradually goes down to 750rpm within 45 seconds without stepping on gas pedal. For yrs now it takes 2minutes+ to return to 750rpm idle. If I give the gas pedal a boost it will remind it to lower the rpm. Any info is highly...
  4. about to replace AC compressor 99crv, a few Q's

    Problems & Issues
    read a lot about gen 2 A/C problems but here i am with probably a seized gen 1; at least the clutch bolt broke off and i'm assuming it sheared because the compressor wouldn't spin anymore. have a good used one in hand, with a clutch; wondering about the issues of what to flush, what to replace...