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  1. Honda CR-V 3rd gen, 2012, iDTEC, A/T - installed a HIZPO Nav, no wiring for OEM SUB

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey All I have a 3rd GEN CR-V, 2012 with Automatic transmission that came with the 6 cd-changer and USB in the glove box. I needed a bluetooth connection for phone, so i bought a HIZPO nav from aliexpress. Installation is pretty smooth, one thing though - it didn't came with a plug for the OEM...
  2. 2006 CRV AWD A/T transmission Filter change. 122,000 miles.

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I am currently working on my wife's CRV and it is starting to need a bunch of work. I have currently removed the Cat because all of the hardware has rusted off and I welded up a hole where the front heat shield was. The Cat is in good working order with no Trouble codes. I repaired...
  3. 1996 Honda CRV RD1 A/T gear stick stops at Neutral (N).

    Problems & Issues
    My 1996 Honda CRV RD1 Auto Transmission gear stick stops at Neutral (N)gear. So reverse (R) does work but not forward gears. This all happened after I lifted the front wheels to check on play from front arm bushings, tie rods and wheel bearings shaking the both front wheels. The gear stick could...
  4. Geolandar A/T G015 for winter?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I have a set of 17" wheels with Blizzaks from the WRX I traded in on my CR-V and am thinking of using the 17s for my winter wheels again but adding the Geolander A/T tires in 235/65 size (the size tire that comes on the CR-V LX). Does anyone have experience with these tires? The only reason...
  5. 97 A/T stalls at stoplights.

    Problems & Issues
    hey guys, i just finished installing a timing belt water pump, and new plugs, started it up and it idles just under 1k. (800 rpm) I went to the store, caught a traffic light, and the rpms almost returned to the peg. I got to the parking lot, parked it and revved up to 1500. Let off the gas...
  6. '97 A/T stalls at stop HELP!!!

    Maintenance and Service
    hey guys, i just finished installing a timing belt, started it up and it idles just under 1k. (800 rpm) I went to the store, caught a traffic light, and the rpms almost returned to the peg. I got to the parking lot, parked it and revved up to 1500. Let off the gas and the RPMS went back down...
  7. Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015?

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Has anyone installed the new Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015? I know that the outgoing Geolandar A/T-S were decent but had some issues but the reviews on the new model are fantastic! Check out TireRack for the reviews (I don't have enough posts on this forum to post links) I have a few questions...
  8. 2004 A/T Troubleshooting

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I now have 180,000 miles on my vehicle and I would like to know what symptoms to expect that are a precursor to transmission failure. What is the typical lifetime of a maintained A/T with primarily highway driving? Do you rebuild? Buy a used one? Buy new? Thanks
  9. A/T Fluid Change Interval

    Maintenance and Service
    2012 Honda CR-V EX-L 2WD Okay, this seems like a simple straightforward question that should have a simple straight-forward answer, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere. I've looked in my owners manual, google, and the Honda Owners website (which seemed like it had the info, but never shows...
  10. 99 CR-V A/T no-start, no shift lights, won't come out of park

    Problems & Issues
    I searched the posts but couldn't find anything close to my trifecta. Car has been sitting for years, as far as I know it was parked when the distributor failed. For various reasons I had reason to think the motor was gone as well so replaced it. With the battery charged I can't move the shift...
  11. Cracked Sump-2010 4WD A/T

    Problems & Issues
    I bought a used CRV 2010 4WD A/T recently and found out that it has a crack on the Sump at two places, one at the oil drainage plug and one a little above from the drainage plug. This have been repaired by someone using some kind of sealant. I am able to get the sump replaced but the issue is...
  12. New A/T Tires

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Hello, New member here, I have a 2007 CRV EX awd, glacier blue mettalic colour which we got brand new and love it ! Just installed Firestone Destination A/Ts last week, slightly larger than stock - 235/65/17. They are good so far and looks good on my CRV (at least I think so). Have been...
  13. 98 Tires - Michelin Lat Cross vs Bridgestone D697 A/T vs Yokohama G012 A/T

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I'm just wondering if any of you have either the Michelin Latitude Cross, the Bridgestone Dueller A/T 697 or the Yokohama Geolander 012 A/T on their CR-V's. I just bought a 98 model, and I want all terrain wheels that will perform well on suburban roads as it will be predominantly used on these...
  14. 98 cr-v ,2 fwd, a/t

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, Just recently swapped out the trans on a 98 cr-v , 2 fwd , a/t. Now P0740 pops up . Any thoughts?
  15. 1st gen a/t awd. obd2 tuning?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hey guys, I am looking at getting rid of my fwd vtec civic in favor of an automatic realtime 4wd 1st gen CRV as I will be moving from the beach to the mountains and pretty much need awd/4wd, and would much rather have an auto than a manual. There are two things I am unsure of. How does one tune...
  16. A/t interlock system

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guy's i'm new member and just few minutes registered,i owned 2002 model AT and this is my first time having trouble on AT Interlock System. Any suggestion from all my fellow members out there,i can't bring it to honda center because it stock up on parking position,anyone can give...
  17. 2011 A/T shifting

    Problems & Issues
    Why does Honda have a lock for third gear but not fourth??? It seems that fourth gear is where I need it to stop the car from shifting back and forth from fourth to fifth when driving less than highway speeds or mountain driving.
  18. 1998 LX 4WD + Cragar "D" Window + BFG A/T's???????

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I have a bone stock '98 'V and was wondering if it's possible to install 15x7 Cragar Wheels and 235/75/15 BFG A/T's without rubbing issues, just like OSX2000, just without the lift. Also if a spacer is required, what size? Will any other modifications need to be done? :confused:
  19. Best long milage A/T tire

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I'd like people's opinion on the best all terrain tire rated for the longest milage. Some A/T tires are only rated for 40,00 miles. Other tires (not all terrain, but all season) are rated for 80,000 miles. Is there a healthy compromise that will be good on and off road and in snow, but also last...
  20. need A/T Tyres, but what size please ????????

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Hi people, im drivin a 99 crv with 215/75/15 A/T tyres on it and need to replace them soon. The problem i have is, i have the standard 15" alloys and want to know what size A/T tyres i can put on it please... many thanks people......Micky..;)