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ac or heater

  1. 2015 CR-V, EX, AWD - AC/Heater blower motor cuts in/out/off.

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all. New guy to the forum. Quick background. I bought my CR-V brand new. This issue came up originally while it was under warranty. There was a clicking noise coming from the blower motor and the fan speed/strength would go up and down and sometimes cut off completely. The dealership...
  2. 2005 CRV AC/Heater fan purrs like a kitten when the car is off but not when engine on

    Problems & Issues
    So the AC/Heater fan purrs like a kitten when the car is off, but when I turn on the fan while the engine is running it sounds like it's being torn out of the engine compartment. Grinding, vibration type sound. LOUD.
  3. 1999 CRV AC/heater fan will not work

    Problems & Issues
    CRV heats up fine and I can feel a little heat coming from the vents but I get no forced air. Fan doesn't work with AC on either. Not sure how to isolate between the fan itself and the control circuitry. Never been into this system and unsure as to the most efficient way to get to the fan and...
  4. AC/Heater Fan intermittent

    Problems & Issues
    My AC/Heater fan has recently become intermittent. It works well on high settings, 4 & 5. But on 1-3, it will ramp up/down and sometimes shut off. I'm not sure what the issue is or how to go about troubleshooting it. My CR-V is 2005 UK built.