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  1. How to accelerate RPM under the hood

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Any one know how to accelerate rpm under hood honda crv 2015. Not sure we can do it or not. Thank you
  2. 2016 Failure to accelerate

    Problems & Issues
    My wife purchased this 36K mile 2016 CRV (EXL AWD 4Cyl 185 HP) in 12/16, all based on research. 1st & last Honda we will ever buy. The vehicle is noisy, rides like a 50s truck, gas mileage is less than 20 mpg over 2500 miles. With all of these problems, the most glaring issue deals with...
  3. 2018 crv fan noise sound in enginre when I accelerate

    Problems & Issues
    When I press the gas pedal I hear a fan like sound that goes up and down with the push of the gas pedal. Let off the gas and it goes away...the interior fan for the heater is off
  4. 2001 AT Won't Accelerate Above 35MPH

    Problems & Issues
    Had to rescue my wife on the highway in between cities today because her 2001 CRV auto trans with 149k miles would not go above 35MPH. When I got to her and drove it and floored the pedal I could hear a fluttering/hissing sound coming from under the engine. Luckily we were able to get it to a...
  5. 2004 Honda CRV engine stutter when trying to accelerate or increase RPM's

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, I posted a video on you tube with my issue. When I give my Honda CRV gas the RPM's only get to around 4K and then fall back/stutter. This only hapopens periodically. I can drive the car slowly and as long as I keep the RPM's low I can go as fast as I want. I just can't rev the...
  6. Weird mechanical sound as you accelerate

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2013 CRV and it makes this very bizarre noise when I accelerate. It seems like when the Torque converter locks up the noise goes away instantly. The noise can be heard at random driving speeds, but primarily from 5mph-40mph with light-moderate throttle. Now sometimes it will make the...
  7. CR-V lost gauge readings and ability to accelerate or brake

    Problems & Issues
    My friend was driving my 2006 CR-V today on a freeway and, with no warning, all the gauges dropped to zero and he lost the ability to accelerate or brake. Steering was OK; luckily the road was flat and we got the car to the side and rolled to a stop. He turned the car off, and then back on and...
  8. Idles good but won't accelerate when hot

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2000 crv. I have changed plugs, cap rotor, fuel filter. The car idles and runs good for a few minutes when cold. As soon as it is warm, it will not accelerate. Idle is still fine. In neutral, can hold it to the floor but only revs up 4500 and the slowly goes down to 3000. Seems to run...