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  1. Honda 2014 lx accept 2015 touch screen radio?

    Mobile Electronics
    If I add the 2015 radio with touch screen (used OEM 2015) to my 2014 LX, will I be able to have the bigger back up image instead of the small image I now have on the upper screen? Perhaps unplug the camera wire from the upper screan and plug it in to the 2015 radio? Or maybe there is a cable...
  2. Navi won't accept certain street names

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    This is kind of a stupid question, but my local area has two large roads, both named Boulevard. When trying to enter a street number on North West Boulevard (the road's official name), I see an error message that says I can't use the words North, West, or BLVD (can't spell that last one out...
  3. The CD player/radio won't accept my code

    Problems & Issues
    I need your help! I took my 2007 CR-V to my local garage for a minor repair and the guy there had to disconnect the battery. As you know, every time the battery is disconnected you need to re enter the code provided by the manufacturer for the radio to work again. This time, however, the radio...
  4. 2004 CRV Radio won't accept code

    Mobile Electronics
    I replaced the battery and now I can't get the radio to work. I have entered the dealer supplied code numerous times. I also pulled the radio and checked the serial number (dealer wanted to charge me a $100! and it took me 10 minutes) and it matched up with the ser #/code card. Also, when I...