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  1. Looking to buy CRV...question about bumper accesory

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Looking at some 2002 CRVs. One has this front bumper lip add-on. I'll try to include pic here. My question is, can it easily be removed by me if I don't want it. Or has it been drilled into the front bumper leaving holes? Thanks
  2. Favorite accesory?

    Just wondering what is a popular/favorite accessory of board members for their CRV? Is it mostly for form or function? Is it OEM or something from other vendors? I personally like the looks of OEM rear and front skid plate garnish...
  3. Xcarlink ?, MP3 accesory

    Mobile Electronics
    Has anyone every used one of these things? Does anyone know of any other equivilants, because £25 ($50) postage is a bit much. Cheers