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  1. Beep when the door lock activated by gaining speed

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hi guys. Noticed something new in my CR-V 2017. When I start driving, the system automatically locks the doors. Till today the locking was silent, I just heart the clicks of the locks, but today it started beeping when it locks the doors. Reset the head unit didn't change a thing. Interesting...
  2. CMBS activated be a leaf ??

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I was driving to the store yesterday and had the CMBS apply the brakes hard and flash the alert on the dash but the only thing near me was a leaf falling from a tree. The leaf was a little odd in that is was a long thin leaf and it was doing a fast spiral/barrel roll, not just floating to the...
  3. Wheel Shaker Inexplicably Activated - 2018 LX AWD

    Problems & Issues
    A question about the CR-V. Car is still very new to me. This has happened three times or so . . . I feel the steering wheel vibrate. Something orange in colour flashes momentarily on the dash display but is gone before I can take in what it is. I think, but am not certain that, at least on one...
  4. phone as been activated ...

    Mobile Electronics
    Anyway to stop this being said by the system every time I start the car ?
  5. Suspects were activated from sleeper

    Greetings & Introductions
    Suspects were activated from sleeper
  6. 07 2.2 diesel dpf light and limp mode suddenly activated

    Problems & Issues
    So yesterday as i was driving for a tank before going for a trip to my summer cottage something really strange happened... Just as the fuel low light came on, almost instantly also the dpf light came on (constant, no flash, no other signs). I was like ok, i'll just tank and go with the plan and...
  7. Flash to pass activated garage door opener

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I purchased a "Clicker" universal remote and installed it into a Radio Shack project box along with a voltage regulator circuit to replace the batteries in the remote. Pulling the lighting stalk towards the driver for "Flash to Pass" mode, supplies the remote with power and activates the garage...
  8. 2006 Central Locking - lights don't flash when activated

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I've got a problem I've noticed recently. When I lock the car (with key fob) it locks ok but the indicator lights don't flash as they used to. The lights work ok normally!
  9. 2000 CRV Interior Ceiling Light not activated when I open door.

    I'm trying to figure out what to do with the ceiling light in my 2000 CR-V. I have the switch in the middle position which I think is the position for the light to come on when the door is opened. But the light does not come on. It turns on in the ON position however. Does the bulb need...
  10. Malfunction & VSA warning lights activated

    Problems & Issues
    Yesterday the malfunction light (the engine symbol) and the VSA activation light (the triangle with the !) came on and the engine speed was limited. Pressing the accelerator made no difference. I had been driving a mile and was not accelerating when this happened. The same thing happened a...
  11. Check engine light and VSA activated?

    Problems & Issues
    Two independent mechanics can't figure out what's wrong. Third mechanic says VSA is connected to ABS system. Dealer says it's the timing. chain...$1000+! Anyone else have this problem? Honda Tech told me that you should never have to replace a timing chain. Another Honda owner told me is...
  12. Making voice activated call on 2012 CR-V-there MUST be a better way

    Problems & Issues
    As best I can tell, to make a voice dial phone call, the sequence goes something like this: Press talk button Press talk button again Say "call by voice tag" Wait for the lady to stop talking Press talk button Same the name of the voice tag (Bob for example) The name of the voice tag is...
  13. 2010 EX voice activated calling question

    CR-V Owners in Europe
    Hi All I picked up my new 2010 diesel manual EX model on Saturday - lovely car. I have a question on the voice activated phone. I am able to pair with my phone OK and use the touchscreen to load all the contacts from my phone to the car. I can then dial any of the contacts in the list using the...
  14. Cabin Filter Charcoal activated

    Anyone as found a charcoal activated that would fit 2007-8 CRV When charcoal activated you do not get to smell diesel, dead skunk's revenge I would like to find another car's filter that is and that would fit our CRV