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  1. CD & AM/FM Radio Code Activation

    Mobile Electronics
    My battery had to be disconnected and now the CD & AM/FM Radio do not come on. ENTER CODE shows up on the screen. AS far as I can determine this is This is a 2007 CRV w AM/FM Radio EX-L Model without navigation system. I found nothing the the Owner's Manual that shows how to FIND and How and...
  2. LaneWatch activation disrupts Siri Eyes free on 2015 CRV EX

    Problems & Issues
    I am a heavy user of Siri Eyes Free ( see ) to compose text messages while I am driving. I have however found an annoying issue whereby if I am at any point while composing a message using Siri Eyes Free and turn on my right turn signal, as soon as the LaneWatch camera view...
  3. 2011 passenger seat heater activation

    Problems & Issues
    ok - we have been told that the seatback heater on the passenger seat is inactive due to the occupant/air bag detector - surely this is an easy fix/a joke - every other manufacturer has seat heaters in their seats as well as air bags - the drivers seat has both - granted without the occupant...
  4. Remote Lift Gate Latch Activation

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Has anyone done this? Either 3 or 4th gen? On occasion I camp out in the back of my V like many on the forum. I find it a PITA to climb out of the rear passenger side door. I know there is a manual override its not very easy to use. On the 3rd and 4th Gen its basically just a switch right? I...
  5. No Horn On Alarm Activation

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2005 CR-V EX & I have a problem with the alarm, if I leave a window open in the car, lock the car then activate the alarm by opening the door from the inside the indicator lights flash quickly but the horn does not sound, the horn works if I press it but it does not sound when the alarm...
  6. ABS, VSA and VSA Activation Indicator lights come on

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone I have '08 CRV EX-L and all the 3 ABS, VSA and VSA Activation Indicator lights come on and stay on. I am not sure if this is a coincidence but this happens after I brought my vehicle in for B1 service. I called back the Honda service and they told me that it is the issue with...
  7. 1998 Wiper Activation When Headlights On

    Problems & Issues
    When I turn on my headlights, my front and rear wipers activate. My left headlamp dims slightly, and my left turn signal (when activated) flashes unusually fast. I had some auto body work done (minor fender bender) and left head lamp and quarter panel were replaced. Fuses are okay. Problem...
  8. XM Radio activation, '06 EX

    Problems & Issues
    Just bought a 2006 with 5000 miles. I already have an XM subscription, and would like to add this unit. I need the XM radio says, "tune to "0" and code will be displayed." This does not work. How would one "tune to zero"? I'm flummoxed. :confused: