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  1. Adventure Time

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello good day to you folks. My name is Garrett I'm the proud owner of a 98 CR-V that I got for free because my brother in Christ was going back to prison to serve a life sentence. Blessings. This has kept me out of the rain for the past month. I've gone on several spontaneous road trips and now...
  2. My 1st 2nd Gen CRV's Last Adventure in Utah

    Off The Beaten Path
    Hello friends! I've been lurking in the comments for repair how-to's for too long, it was time to jump in. This isn't much to add besides some love for a good old CR-V and some off roading adventures, plus a little video. I bought my first CR-V from a family member for $500, same price the...
  3. CRV Touring Vs Rav-4 Adventure

    Other Cars, Trucks & Bikes
    Toyota came out and saw a Adventure Rav-4. Saw oneon the road, so lets see now what you all think. What will Honda do now. I remember in 96 Toyota rav-4 hits the Market, and then a Year later Honda comes out with theirs. SO lets here your thoughts about the topic here.
  4. CRV Adventure - Pics

    Image & Video Gallery
    I was looking at the ROC this morning and was amazed at how many pics owners of Ridgelines had posted using thier trucks for recreation. So, I thought it might be fun to start a thread of pics using our CRV's for fun as well. I've posted two pics of my 06 CRV with my canoe loaded ready to take...