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  1. Accessories
    Hi everyone I have a 2016 crv lx And I wanted to get some ground effects the only thing I see Are the aero package which aren't offered here in the states However, I saw this brochure of the aero package It looks sweet It has the jdm bumper Which I cannot seem to find here for my 2016 crv...
  2. Greetings & Introductions
    Hi. I'm from the UK and on new years eve I traded in my 8th gen idtec Accord for a crv as I needed more room. I'm loving the car and the auto box. I'm normally on but no one over here is into modding there crv which is why I've joined this site. Hopefully I can upload some pics.
  3. Trading Area
    Hi all, I want to sell my 2013 crv ex-l with modulo aero bumpers. The car color is Conan coffee brown, and it is in excellent condition. I bought it new and have no problem so far. As of now it only have about 8,500 miles (14months). Extra accessories include: modulo aero bumpers, running board...
  4. Accessories
    Since I love my AVS Seamless Vent Visors so much, I went ahead and installed an AVS Aero Skin I really like the way it looks, ties everything together nicely. The install was really easy, no drilling or tools needed. Uses the same automotive grade tape that holds door moldings on...
  5. Appearance, Images, Video & Detailing Gallery
    Almost one year after I took delivery of my '07 CR-V EX-L, my Mugen aero ideas have finally taken shape and become reality. So here it is: my V with the Mugen front grill, spoiler, and LED bumper lights (and the Accord sunroof visor as well). Plans to purchase a used DC2 Mugen twin-loop exhaust...
1-5 of 5 Results