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  1. How do you think Adaptive Cruise affects the gas mileage?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I really like the adaptive cruise so far. I wonder if you think it has any impact, good or bad, on the gas mileage? It seems a little herky-jerky sometimes the way it applies the gas and brakes- but on the other hand, when traffic is flowing pretty well, it's a lot smoother than I would be.
  2. Water sound behind dash, whe. Turning left affects airflow of AC

    Problems & Issues
    We own a 2008 crv, about 78k on it now. Recently, we have noticed a very musty smell when getting into the vehicle whe parked overnight or when parked in a parking lot. Have also noticed that when when we turn left in the vehicle, two things occur... 1. If the AC is on, the fan speed...
  3. Spark Plugs; ill affects?

    Maintenance and Service
    Looking at the owners manual, the plug change interval is that of a standard Copper Plug, 30K miles. I just assumed this Late model vehicle came with Plats. That's what I bought. Bosch FR8LPX. Any problems with running Plats in this toy car? In general I'm not a fan of Plats. I rather pull...