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  1. Door Ajar when barely pushing on door panel

    Problems & Issues
    My wife just got a new to her 2008 Honda CR-V with 31,000 miles on it. I've noticed when I drive it that the door ajar light comes on when I ever so slightly push on the door with my leg. Is this an indication that the switch on the door jam is bad or is it possible that there's a lose wire...
  2. Rear hatch ajar sensor stays on

    Maintenance and Service
    On my 2008 CRV the rear hatch sensor light stays lit on the dash as if the hatch is open, but it is clearly shut, and shut tight. I can't use the key fob to lock the doors because it thinks on is open so I have had to use the button on the door handle to lock them. The plastic coating from the...
  3. Door Ajar Indicator

    Problems & Issues
    Just got a new 2012 Cr-V EXL with Navi. Quick question, I don't see anywhere a door ajar indicator that tells you which door is open. I thought this would be in the i-Mid display just like the Civic's. Anyone else notice this?
  4. Door Ajar error on dash after alarm install...

    Problems & Issues
    This is my first post, so first off, I'm glad to be here and glad to meet fellow CR-V owners. I'm originally from Virginia but am living in Cuernavaca, Mexico at the moment. Anyway, to the meat of my post. My tires and rims were stolen last week with the CR-V left on cinder blocks. Needless...
  5. Rear door ajar light stays on

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello All, I have a 2004 CRV with 97k that is new to me but with a few minor problems. The rear door ajar light stays on. This car has been in my family since new and this problem has been with the car for about 40k miles. The actual switch seems to move well and looks unlikely to be the...
  6. Door ajar icon changes color while driving

    Problems & Issues
    I recently purchased an 08 CR-V EX. I've noticed the door ajar icon changes color from white to orange while driving. None of the doors are open and this happens randomly. It usually happens while driving and how long it stays that color is different each time. I haven't been able to isolate...
  7. Door Ajar sensor

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys just figured out today that the front right door sensor is messed up from feeling around I think the spring was knocked out of alignment because if you push deep down into the sensor you can feel the spring. Anyway I want to know how you get in there I see the little plug under there...
  8. 2006 CR-V rear door ajar warning light

    Problems & Issues
    I wrote this big long explanation about our rear door light would flash on and off each time we hit a bump, BEFORE I did a search on this forum. Several people have complained about the same problem and suggested a very simple solution of using electrical tape to hold a piece of rubber on the...
  9. Rear door Ajar light

    Problems & Issues
    The rear door ajar light keeps flashing when I hit bumps on the road. I have rechecked the back door and window hatch many times and it still doesn't fix it. It has just started doing it this week. Any Ideas?:confused: