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  1. 1999 CR-V clicking noise

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there I have a 1999 CRV that wont start. When I turn the key the engine tries turning over a couple times then starts clicking. I've had the alternator and battery tested. Alt passed 3 times at autozone and the battery had no charge so had them charge it. The starter was replaced around 3,000...
  2. 2009 Possible alternator problem, voltage fluctuating, battery died.

    Problems & Issues
    Firstly, I do have a digital volt meter installed in my 2009 V dash. My battery totally died on me this past Sunday, after I had just parked it up the night before. For the last week or so before, I did notice that the voltage has been dropping down to 12.1 volts, intermittently, and then...
  3. All lights flickering on my 2006 CR-V

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there, Just hoping to get some input for an issue I am having with my "new" 2006 CR-V. I apologize for the long post but there are a few details that may be related. I recently purchased this vehicle from my friend who lives in another state. A friend of hers drove it her & delivered...
  4. 2007 EX 4WD - Charging System Issues (not alternator or battery)

    Problems & Issues
    I just bought a 2007 EX as a work beater car for its 4WD and cargo. I've had it a few months now, and this past Wednesday, the charging light came on on the dash. I limped home and made it almost all the way (1.1 mi!) before it shut down. I put a new alternator in it, and the old one tested...
  5. Alternator Replaced - Timing Chain Code Thrown

    Maintenance and Service
    I have 2007 CRV (just recently bought) with almost 132,000 on it. My alternator was replaced yesterday and when I got into the car after having it done, the check engine light came on. Got it tested today. Timing chain code. After having it tested and turning the car back on, the light was gone...
  6. Honda CRV low alternator voltage (12.35V) at idle

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, My Honda CRV 2014 battery has just died last week. When looking for how to replace a battery, I learn a few more things about alternator and battery voltage. I replaced my stock battery with Costco Kirkland Group 35 and i could start the engine fine. However, when I test the voltage...
  7. What is suppose to be the charge level of the battery and behavior of Alternator

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hi! I recently measured the voltage of the battery after 2 hours of riding in winter time and the battery was at 12V after a few hours of rest. From many sources on the web, a lead-acid battery with 12V would be at only 50% of charge. I was surprised since we runed for 2 hours at 90 kmh. I...
  8. Car won't start at times, but battery, alternator, starter supposedly good

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    Car won't start at times, but battery, alternator, starter are good I have a 2013 CRV that I have had a problem starting. The battery, alternator and starter were tested by AAA, and are supposedly good. Has anyone else had this problem?
  9. bad oil leak behind alternator 99crv what gives?

    Problems & Issues
    thought i had a leak in the back left corner of my oil pan. turns out the oil is coming from behind the alternator, or so it seems. haven't quite got it out yet but does anybody have an idea of what could be leaking there? my worst thought is an oil plug from the block manufacturing process...
  10. 2002 alternator replacement

    Problems & Issues
    Hi have bought a new alternator and am preparing to install it myself. Looking around there is little finite how-to's on removal & refitting - and from what I have managed to find, this is a very difficult process. Thoughts & advice are welcome before I decide to continue doing this myself...
  11. 2005 CRV - Dash and Headlights Flickering. Alternator tested 14+

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone! I've got a 2005 CRV, and my dash and headlights flicker as I drive. My alternator was tested at a local, reputable shop at ~14.4 while running. There has been no battery light, no issues starting, the only problem is that the headlights and dash lights flicker. The low beams...
  12. Weird noise coming from belt, tensioner, alternator, etc.

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, I am working on my brother's 2010 CRV. The issue is there is a strange noise coming from the serpentine belt area. I removed the belt and spun all the tensioners, alternator, ac compressor, etc and the only issue was a slight rubbing in the tensioner bearings. I just replaced the...
  13. Alternator from different car?

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    hey there, 1st time poster. curious if there was a high amperage alternator for a 2001 crv? i figured maybe one off another honda might work if it has the same casing and pully, any ideas?
  14. Alternator Removal on 09 CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi i'm searching on how to remove and replace alternator on 2009 CRV instructions are all over the place, Haynes says to remove wire connectors remove bolts and remove from vehicle... someone else has the power steering pimp up and away removing radiator brackets bending radiator in order to...
  15. Alternator

    Problems & Issues
    Today the battery light came on, meter shows 12.09V off and 11.95V when running. The light goes off with the engine revved over 2.5K or so. However it is still not charging according to the meter, With over 200K miles I'm suspecting the alternator is bad. It's a 2004 EX AWD. Am I on the right...
  16. Another Alternator Light

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I'm a Subaru guy who ventured into the CR-V world and I rather enjoy the change. I bought 2004 a few months ago and have been driving it. However, the alternator started quietly howling and my overly paranoid instincts kicked in. Fast forward to yesterday. I had the alternator and PS pump...
  17. 2005 CR-V Charging System Error Light

    Problems & Issues
    Hello! I bought a 2005 CR-V LX w/ a 5 spd manual trans and 130k miles about month ago. CarFax and mechanic inspection both came back clean, but now I am having issues with my charging system light coming on, followed a few minutes later by various other electrical system lights coming on. It...
  18. Replacing alternator and starter

    Maintenance and Service
    Have an 03 5 speed. I've looked into replacing the alternator. Some people haven't needed to remove the radiator some people have. I plan on replacing the starter as well on my crv (Get a grinding noise on startup a few times). Will the alternator be just as accessible without the intake...
  19. '06 CRV Diesel, Cruise won't switch on after new Alternator

    Problems & Issues
    It's a "second gerneration". Alternator bearing we think, lead eventually to intermittent charging. Dead vehicle on a freeway :(. Alternator and battery now renewed. All ok, except that somewhere along the line the Cruise Control stopped working, but not in a way I've been reading about. The...
  20. HO alternator

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is any viable option to upgrade the alternator. Right now I have a aftermarket touch screen/DVD head unit, an amp running all the speakers, and recently added aftermarket fog lights. With a load I can tell it struggles a bit. I have read before that the pcm...