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  1. Removing Plastic Amber From Headlights?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I plan on having a professional HID retrofit done using The Retrofit Source on my 2010 headlights. The pic below is similar to what I want with the addition of LED halos and minus the amber plastic parking light. My question is, can I replace the amber plastic part with a clear one or is there a...
  2. 2013 - 5K - Amber AWD dash light comes on

    Problems & Issues
    The outdoor temp was -10 F. The street in front of my home was glare ice. My AWD kicked in and after doing so, the AWD light came on in the dash. It stayed on until I shut off the car. Coming back and starting up car, it was off. The same thing happened on my second trip. AWD kicked in and...
  3. Amber Engine blinking on dash

    Problems & Issues
    Started car, ran great and when I got a few miles down the road and stopped at a light the car started running rough, has trouble picking up speed and is very sluggish, like it has no power. Car is hard to pick up and go. Amber engine light on the left dash is blinking on and off. Timing belt...
  4. AMBER ALERT- RUSTY spots on 2012 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I am hoping I get some feedback from owners in the same situation. I purchased my NEW 2012 CRV exactly one year ago. I have opted for paint/rust protection to be applied by dealer then. To my BIG disapointment I discovered today -after washing my car- that I have many rusty spots all...
  5. Looking for aftermarket cd/ipod player that matches interior amber lighting?

    Mobile Electronics
    Have a 1st gen cr-v - We are looking for aftermarket cd/ipod player that matches interior amber lighting? I don't want some ricey blue head unit. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  6. Hella 500 Amber fog lights

    hi i recently put a westin safari light bar on my 98 and i put som hella 500s on the bar. they look very nice and i was wondering if the light can only turn on with the high beams i realy only bought the lights fo looks but they are so nice i was wondering if i could actually use them with the...