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amp or sub

  1. How I Installed Amp/Sub in 2008 Honda CR-V

    Mobile Electronics
    I have been meaning to do this for more than a year but keep forgetting. When I got this CRV It took me a while to figure out the best way to do a stereo install. My problem is the amp is to big and even though there are a couple of nice installs floating around the WWW, very few helped me out...
  2. 2014 LX Amp/Sub integration cable source

    Mobile Electronics
    Anyone have a source for a pre-assembled, amplifier integration cable that will work with my 2014 LX 4-speaker? These cables go inline between the radio and the car harness, and add two (L&R) output ports with a line level converter so you can directly feed an amp or sub. Looking for...
  3. Aftermarket Amp/Sub 2009 CR-V LX

    Hey Everyone, I've changed out the Stereo Head Unit to a 7in DVD/Nav/Radio/CD/Ipod/Aux..Ect unit w/ Back up Cam. I can all the wires for it myself. The Only Thing ive been having some issues on is One Cable. I have to Run a Power Wire for my Aftermarket AMP to my battery. I know the batteries...
  4. 1'st Gen V Amp/Sub Wiring Install?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    hi. I need to know if anyone has a good link for a clean install on the, 1'st-gen-v's? Information for: Removing tabs near doors, to route wires under carpet. Finding firewire to lead wires to battery. Unexpected, problems during install ect?
  5. 3rd gen. amp/sub install

    Mobile Electronics
    okay so i was thinking about putting some sounds into my crv but im not quite sure how to, i searched up some other forums online and some research about how to but seeing to it as im keeping the stock head unit and speakers, and its my first time, i was wondering if any of you guys can help me...