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  1. Royal Purple or Amsoil, can it be used?

    Maintenance and Service
    I saw a couple post of recommending only Honda brand fluids. I've had good luck using RP in my previous vehicles (GM) and AMSOIL is good quality too. My t56 trans would carry a lot of heat and RP took that and the noise out of the equation. Would you use it, or stick to OEM spec for trans fluid...
  2. '02 Honda CR-V 5 speed Honda MTF or Amsoil MTF 5w30?

    Performance Modifications
    On a Civic forum it goes back and forth between the better shifting of the Amsoil synthetic 5W-30 Syncromesh transmission oil and the Genuine Honda Manual Transmission Oil aka MTF. For my rear differential, I think it's a pretty safe bet that only the original Honda differential oil is the...
  3. '99 EX, TONS of clicking from front right. Also, AmsOil?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All I bought a 1999 CR-V EX this most recent February that now has 160,000 miles on it (I've put 9,000 miles on it since I bought it). I noticed a couple of months ago that there is a loud clicking noise coming from the front right that is getting progressively worse. On flat, even roads I...
  4. Factory fill oil - Mobil1 & Amsoil oil service life

    Problems & Issues
    I would like to drain the factory fill early and use a synthetic 5W20 with this cold weather we have been having. I currently have about 3000 miles on my ’08 LX 4WD CR-V. I have read that the break in oil used by Honda (factory fill) is the same as the Honda oil sold at dealers but with some...
  5. Synthetic AMSOIL

    Maintenance and Service
    Has any one replaced the original oil with a synthetic oil such as AMSOIL? What is best to use? 0-20 or 5-20 weight? We live in Pennsylvania and we have a 2008 CR-V with approximately 4000 miles. :)