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  1. Has your crv stalled because of oil dilution? Respond if the answer is yes

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    yes for me.
  2. Sync'd/Paired cellphone can't answer incoming calls in new 2016 CRV Touring

    Problems & Issues
    Just picked up a new 2016 CRV Touring, all good so far except answering calls with my wife's cellphone. My Samsung Galaxy S6 and her Galaxy S5 were paired and sync'd by the dealer rep to the new vehicle. My S6 can answer incoming calls using the steering wheel Answer button, but the S5 can't...
  3. Answer to rfloyd lewis

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    for some f-ing reason I cannot directly reply to this thread: "rfloyd lewis: just registered on the free option... i do not see how to ask my question on the forum. can you help? question deals with excessive road noise... what forum please? " My answer: Use "Miscellaneous forum". For...
  4. A simple question that there can surely only be one answer to....

    Shopping & Test Driving
    WHICH IS THE BEST SECONDHAND CRV TO BUY? Yes I was probably being optimistic there. My Accord has gone to the great motorway in the sky, and the CRV has caught my Honda loving eye. Of course one I start looking around, lots of options, be it model, engine size, fuel, etc. The 2.2 diesel turbo...
  5. Need Tech Answer Please - Turn Off Parking Lights

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    New member here and first post, thanks for having me. 1. 2013 CRV-EX 2. Is it possible to turn off the exterior lights completely while the vehicle is running? 3. I use the vehicle for surveillance and want to give the appearance of an unoccupied vehicle in a driveway while it is running. 4. I...
  6. 98 Door Locks Dead, Lots of testing, no answer yet

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I'm a new poster but not a new lurker :) I've got a 98 EX w/ 250k miles. Been a real trooper. I've got power door lock issues - they simply don't work. I've found various threads from other year models out here and followed them down all sorts of paths that seem to lead nowhere. I use the...
  7. New to the forum. Hopefully I can find the answer

    Maintenance and Service
    apparently both my brake lights are out (weird). got new bulbs but how do i get in to change them? the headlights were fairly easy. help and thanks!
  8. Marky Mark's FAQ Answer Thread

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I've started to notice a pattern to all of the questions I get PM'd regarding the CR-V. So to help avoid delays, here are the answers to the questions I get most of the time. BTW, this is my wife's car, and she picked all of the modifications. Wheels & Tires Q: What size and offset are the...
  9. The Ultimate (Temporary) answer

    To all of you who ahve a 2nd gen with the black plastic consuming all of the front and back fo the vehicle: It turns gray, and it sucks, but I found a way to make it black for a very long period of time, and it's super easy. I tried the back to black and every other little trick, and nothing...