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  1. How often does the anti freeze/coolant need to changed?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there fellow CRV friends, Since it is nowhere in my 2007 CRV manual, can anyone tell me how often the antifreeze/coolant needs to be changed out? And do I need a flush or just change out the fluid in the radiator? Nothing in my manual says anything about a flush or how often to change out...
  2. Radio off anti theft error

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    So I have no clue what happened. If anyone starts car up and radio is blank but gets anti theft error. Hold the power button for a few seconds. Now if anyone has any idea why it happens let me know. I am too lazy to look it up tonight. I figured at least tell people how to get past it.
  3. 2011 CRV Radio Anti Theft Code

    Problems & Issues
    Hello!! Please, I need you help. I having problems with my CRV radio so I decided to bought an OEM used radio (2007 CR-V) which is compatible with my 2011. Now I bought it from a junker and the according with VIN# and S/N# I went to to get the codes, but those codes...
  4. Anti theft side miiror guard

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi Guys Been reading a lot about side mirror's being vandalized or stolen. I had the same fate couple of weeks back when after shopping in a Houston Mall returned to the parking lot to find both the side mirrors of my Honda CRV 2015 missing. After a lot of internet browsing found a company...
  5. Spark plug Change, Gen3 - torque value & anti seize compound

    Maintenance and Service
    Can someone tell me what the service manual says for spark plug torque on a 2011 CRV? I've search all over and have seen some messages and even a YouTube video that says 13 ft-lbs but none of them say where this value came from. I'd like to be sure before I dive in. Some also mention the use of...
  6. 2011 CRV EX What does the anti theft system do?

    Problems & Issues
    yesterday evening my son took my CRV to the mall. He was in the mall for about 2 hrs and when he came back out he noticed the car was flashing its blinkers rapidly. He unlocked it and noticed the instrument lights were blinking on and off too. When he tried to start it nothing would happen. He...
  7. CR-V anti lock brakes

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Today we drove our 2014 CR-V in light snow for the first time. We found getting it to stop on an icy road was a big challenge. Once the anti-lock kicked in the vehicle was sliding and was very hard to get to stop. My wife and I both noticed this. We have both had other vehicles with anti-lock...
  8. Changing the battery & Anti Theft System

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I have to change the battery soon and if the user manual states correctly, when I disconnect the battery, the anti-theft system blocks the radio until an unlock code is entered. The only problem is, the previous owner does not have the PIN card, nor knows anything about it. I know you...
  9. anti lock radio - no option to enter code

    Mobile Electronics
    I have hunted high and low thru this forum, and the rest of the innertubes, so I am hoping I can get a new idea. 2002 CRV EX. Radio worked fine yesterday. Fired up the car and the radio will not turn on. The anti theft light is flashing, but the display will not come on to prompt for my radio...
  10. Flashing Anti Theft dashboard lights

    Problems & Issues
    On A 2011 CRV , I know there are 2 different indicator lights for the anti theft systems; one for the audio system (right near the radio controls) and one for the main anti theft system on the main dash panel (just below the gear selection indicator). I know that the audio system light blinks...
  11. 98 cr-v smell anti freeze in cabin cant pinpoint problem

    Problems & Issues
    When driving my 1998 cr-v with heater or defrost running I smell anti freeze. If I put the vent on with temp setting on cool (A\C button not pressed) and crank up blower I get no smell. Things I have tried to pinpoint problem: 1. checked all hoses in engine compartment, no leak anywhere. 2...
  12. Autolocking (AKA Anti Hijack Locking)

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Good afternoon all, I have just joined the forum as I have now bought my second ever CRV, a new 2013 EX DTEC in black (UK model). Before this I had a VW Tiguan and frequented the mytiguan forum regularly. I have a question which I am let to find the answer, and it is how do I change the...
  13. Coolant Anti Frezze ???

    Maintenance and Service
    what type of anti freeze - coolant do we us on a 2000 crv ? gorilla
  14. 2009 CRV anti theft going off

    Problems & Issues
    3 times today I got in my cr-v and set off the alarm, the first time I cranked it up and the alarm went off, had to get out of cart and relock the door to get it off, this evening I set down in the car , removed the key and locked the door and then the doors would not unlock with the switch on...
  15. 2003 anti roll/sway bar links

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Hi I've just changed my roll bar link bars, quite easy, but when i had driven the car after completion i noticed that the right hand link where it joins the roll bar was sort off pointing upwards. Left hand link has roughly stayed straight. Is this how they are? Or have i done something wrong...
  16. Speakers not working after radio anti theft code entry

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey!!! If someone could help me out I would totally appreciate it - we were just cleaning up my battery as it had some corrosion on it and my dad disconnected it - this in turn meant my radio's anti theft went off and i needed to enter the code to be able to use the radio - after FINALLY finding...
  17. Anti Theft on CD players is terrible.

    Dear Honda:
    This has to be the most annoying feature I have ever encountered on a car. No one wants to steal a stock CD player from a honda CRV. All this feature does is cause no end of annoyance to customers. A couple years ago my battery died and I had to go through the incredibly frustrating process of...
  18. lo jack or other anti thieft devices

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hello, I'm just buying a new honda crv. we haven't gotten it yet, but the dealer wants us to buy a thieft prevention device, but I'm not sure if I should ad it to the purchase of the honda before delivery? :) I'm from the southshore about thirth miles south of Boston Ma. my name is Barbara,
  19. 2000 HCRV wont crank after jump start

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, I left the lights on the car (Honda CRV 2000) and of course the battery drained. I then asked someone for a jump start. When the cables were connected to the battery the car started honking very loud. We stopped trying to jump start it but now the car wont even crank when I turn the...
  20. rear anti sway bars, like dlarsoncrv has?

    Performance Modifications also what about getting a similar set up for the front, like some of the newer accords and civics with the vtechs come with.