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  1. Front Control arms better quality for the price?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I'm replacing the control arms on my 2002 CRV. I'm shopping around for the best prices and trying to avoid the real garbage that is mixed in out there. Can anyone suggest a good brand? The pocketbook wont allow me to go with original Honda parts. Thanks in advance! Mike
  2. Front Lower control Arms

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I want to replace both lower control arms, who makes the better complete lower control arms aftermarket with oem quality? Thank you
  3. Rust on doors and front suspension arms

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Upon onening the off side rear door a couple of weeks ago, I noticed rust staining from around the rubber bump stop. Upon removing this I noticed what I considered to be extensive surface corrosion. I checked the other 3 doors and all show similar but less significant rust. To me it looks like...
  4. Alignment after control arms

    Problems & Issues
    On my 04 CRV I just replace both control arms and ball joints in the front. I also replace all four struts with the Quickstruts. When I drive it now it feels totally off. Real 'floaty' in the front and steering wheel is turned from true. Do I have to take it in for an alignment now? I didn't...
  5. Rear Adjustable Arms for Camber, Necessary??

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Just returned from Les Schwab for an alignment. He was able to do the front, but said the rear camber was out slightly and Honda's arms are not adjustable. He is says I need adjustable arm(s) to be able adjust the rear wheel camber. I looked it up on line and found them, but is it really...
  6. how to replace the front upper suspension arms?

    Problems & Issues
    hi, i need to replace these upper arms, we have a 1997 model, how easy are they to replace and are they any probs that i should be aware off?. many thanks for any help
  7. 1999 Wiper blade arms which is longer Drivers or passenger

    Maintenance and Service
    Can someone run out and measure their wiper blade arms? I am betting that the P.O. swapped them by accident. No way I can fit the correct sized blades as mine are now. The call out is for millimeter equivalents to 19" and 20" blades.. my car has 18" (both sides) and the blade on the...
  8. Replacing lower control arms 1999 crv

    Maintenance and Service
    Need help replacing rear lower control arms 1999 crv I don't have the tools to replace the bushings on the rear control arms so I plan on buying new arm assemblies. How difficult is it to replace the entire arm. Part numbers 52350-S10-A00 52360-S10-A00. Are there any special tools required...
  9. rear right and left control arms -- sounds like a lot to pay

    Problems & Issues
    My CR-V is a 2003 with 81,000 miles. I had the rear shocks replaced last August, but there's still a squeaky sound. The dealer service guy said there's no danger, but to eliminate the sound, I'd have to have the right and left control arms replaced -- for $1,352 + tax. When I googled to see...
  10. Lower and upper control arms

    Maintenance and Service
    Just looking around for lower and upper control arms front and rear for 1997 Honda CRV, which brands are good for replacement parts??., see bellow the list of brands I was looking at,out of these which brands are good, or if there are any other better brands then please let me know Beck Arnley...
  11. Spares for CR-V 2003 Wiper Arms

    Hello Everyone, Am looking for somewhere in the UK where you can get reasonably priced spares for the CR-V. A couple of years ago I had the wiper arm ripped off of my year 2000 model. Have just bought a newer model 2003 would like to be prepared for most eventualities.
  12. lower control arms

    Problems & Issues
    My upper control arms in my first gen were loose and popping. I replaced them. But still some popping left and vibration. What are the symptoms of lower control arms. They seem like loose.
  13. MOT fail - both front upper steering control arms

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi all, Had the CRV for about 6 mths now and love it. Took it to Halfords for MOT yesterday and it failed on both front upper control arms, worn bushes, excessive play. Their price for fixing £314. I'm a fairly competent DIY mechanic and so would like to have a go at this myself. Got some...
  14. Arms for rear tire????

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Just took my 2008 CRV EX 4WD for alignment.The mechanic said i need Arms for my rear tire...and it cost abt $500 incl. labor.I only have 3250km on it.Is that how much it cost???does anyone knows where i can get the parts cheaper??? Help needed pls!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!
  15. touch up paint for wiper arms?

    Maintenance and Service
    I see some scratches in the wiper arms, probably due to overzealous scraping and general "winter" conditions. Has anyone seen touch up paint (the little bottles) that I could use? I assume it would be something akin to "flat black." Thanks.
  16. FS: First gen Front Lower Control Arms

    Trading Post
    Long story short: I bought new OEM control arms over the internet for my '99 EX. One of them was shipped without the (essential) bushing. My shop already had it in the air and old control arm off the car when they discovered this. Their solution was to try to get the bushing off the old...
  17. Replacing Upper Control Arms 97 CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    Has anyone out there replaced the uppper control arms on a CRV? Do you have to remove the strut? I do a lot of my own work a good set of mechanics tools Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks much
  18. Upper control arms

    Problems & Issues
    I need to replace the upper control arms in a 2001 due to bad ball joints. Has anyone done this who can comment on difficulty? Look straight forward enough, just want to make sure I am not over simplifying it. Worst part appears to be the fact I cannot get an impact socket on the two frame...
  19. 2001 - controls arms and sway bar linkages

    Problems & Issues
    Is this a common issue in the 2001 CR-V? My car is in the shop, the mechanic is claiming I need replacements in both the front AND back and that this is a relatively common problem.