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  1. Attachment function working again!

    Community Help
    Holy Socks, Batman! Looks as if you can once again use the MANAGE ATTACHMENTS button in an Advanced Reply. :xmas: Even more amazing, the files uploaded before the June server changeover are also available! Nice surprise.. Thanks @AdminSupport! :banana: I know you guys have been...
  2. Attachment (pic) delete

    Community Help
    How does one delete a duplicate attachment (pic) from their post/thread? Thanks.
  3. Any idea best price for Installing back up sensor with attachment for 2015 CR-V EX?

    Lowest price I got from local NJ Honda dealer was $710 plus tax. Lowest I've seen online for the part with attachment is $349. Am I going to get any better? don't know that I would trust a regular repair shop besides Honda service dept with this.
  4. Honda kayak Attachment

    Has anyone used the Honda kayak attachment with the OEM roof rack on a 2007-11 CRV. I plan on picking up a 11 or 13 foot kayak and I have OEM racks on the car.
  5. Get Your Honda CR-V Kayak Attachment

    Honda Part World
    Planning your next Kayaking trip? We are here to make things a little easier for you with our Honda CR-V Kayak Attachment. With OEM Honda parts you know it’s built to last, so strap your kayak up on your roof and hit the water! Honda CR-V Kayak Attachment Part # - 08L09-TA1-100 MSRP -...
  6. iPod attachment

    Mobile Electronics
    Decided to install the HandA iPod kit to our '08 V. Saw the College Hills Honda DIY video on YouTube. Would like to keep both glove boxes as they are for what they are. Am thinking about bringing the iPod connector out through the fascia below the shifter, right above the bottom cubby hole...
  7. 2005 rear window attachment (removal)

    recently I had to replace my rear window. One of the two "shocks" bracket broke. I now have a new bracket, however I cannot remove the "ball joint" from the shock. How do I remove it from the bracket? Thanks, Sandy
  8. 2007 Roof Rack Bike Attachment Compatibility Issue

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    I have a Honda factory roof rack on my 2007 CR-V (part number 08L02-SWA-100) and I have just bought two Honda roof rack mounted bike attachments (part number 08L07-TA1-102) to install on the rack but I seem to be having compatibility issues. The problem is that I can't figure out how to slide...
  9. 2007 Front License Plate Attachment??

    Saw the post for the earlier model, but I need help with the front license plate attachment for the 2007. The instructions that were included aren't much help... Thanks!
  10. Honda Bike Attachment

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Hi Everyone New member here. Just got a 08 CRV EX Taffeta White, will post pics as soon as I take some. Live in Mexico, my CRV was assembled in Mexico in Jalisco, traded a Liberty for the CRV so I am EXTREMELY happy with the change. I was wondering if anyone has the Honda OE bike attachment...
  11. Need wing attachment to make my CR-V fly!!

    I got your attention, didn't I?....I just bought an original 2007 roofrack sealed in the box for $130. Installation is pretty easy. done within half an hour. Like the look of the CR-V with the roofrack. I think it looks kinda sporty. Anyway, on the website it says up to 75 pound carrying...