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  1. Earlier, authorities and protesters

    Earlier, authorities and protesters fought pitched battles in the streets near Independence Square, with protesters tossing rocks and firebombs at police under a sky blackened by smoke from their burning barricades. At least one protester fired toward police lines with a shotgun. Watch Frozen...
  2. Honda Worker Stopped By Authorities In Alabama Due To Immigration Laws

    Alabama has taken on the toughest immigration laws in the country and has begun to crack down on illegal immigrants, immediately affecting the fifth largest automotive manufacturing state in the country. A second foreign auto worker was issued a citation at Honda's factory in Lincoln, Alabama on...
  3. Honda sues China authorities over vehicle design rights [6.13.6]

    Honda Motor Co. has filed a lawsuit with a Chinese court, seeking to nullify the Chinese authorities'' earlier decision not to recognize the company''s vehicle design rights, officials of the Japanese automaker said Monday. In November 2003, Honda sued Shuanghuan Auto and another Chinese firm...