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  1. XT-33 autopage remote

    Maintenance and Service
    hello people; Anyone know anything about them? Mine just stop working. New bats and I tried an on-line thing to set it up but nothing. thanks IBBY
  2. Installing AUTOPAGE alarm

    Mobile Electronics
    Happy Holidays everyone, been a while since I've been on here but I'd give it a whirl. My wife got me a Autopage RS-730a remote start alarm for Christmas. I've installed alarms in the past but before the chipped keys and no remote start. She also got a iDatalink ADS-AL CA (remote start &...
  3. Autopage RF 350 aftermarket alarm system, door un/locking issue

    I've recently installed an AutoPage RF 350 alarm in my 98 CRV and while it arms, sometimes the locks neither engages or disengages. It happens at least once a day. The alarm will arm but the locks will either not lock but will unlock or lock but not unlock. I've checked the connections over and...