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  1. Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2007-2012) CR-V
    I am only getting 17 or so mpg in the city and even on the highway only 20 mpg. Dealer says nothing wrong. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks.
  2. Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    I have a 2002 CR-V with 10500miles on start up sometimes get awful smell like rotten eggs/sulphur coming through vents any help/thoughts would be great
  3. Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2007-2012) CR-V
    Hi, I have a 2011 Honda CR-V EX and the sticker gas mileage is 21mpg city /28 mpg highway. I commute about 10 miles to work on a highway and have noticed that the gas mileage gauge on my dashboard shows absolutely awful gas mileage whenever I try to turn it on cruise control. It'll be around 15...
  4. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    Our cars have a nice, sleek, underside. The consequence? All the places seasoned DIY-ers might have jacked up the car, like subframe bolts or control arm bushings are all covered up. Previous CR-V's had nice reinforced plates at the front and rear of the vehicle. Ours? Not so much. My...
  5. Accessories
    I bought a 2008 EX-L CRV last Saturday. I didn't know it came with XM for free for 3 months. pretty cool. i listened to it on the drive home from the dealership ... to my surprise, it sounded AWFUL. Most of the channels have digital noise on them -- it sounds like 32kbps. Some of the...
1-5 of 12 Results