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  1. 2003 CV Axel

    Problems & Issues
    Hoping someone could give us some feedback. The girlfriend bought a 2003 CR-V a month back. 130k mi on it, but the price was right and the engine seemed well taken care of. We knew that the passenger side CV axle had a torn boot and needed replaced. Dealer said he'd do it at no additional...
  2. 97 crv axel nut size ?

    Maintenance and Service
    Im going to replace the cv axles on my wifes 97 crv, what is the size of the nut on the wheel ? thanks.
  3. Front axel leak and shutter

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All. Just bought a 98 CRV AWD AT 190K for daughters first car, PO, installed new driveshaft due to front end shake, said it fixed 80% of shutter, still pretty bad. Happens under load at 30-40mph. I had our mechanic take a look, he says front drivers axel is bad, ball joint bad, but says...