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  1. 1999+ B20 high compression engine in a 1998 LX manual awd?

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Hi! New to the forum and to the CRV. I just bought a 1998 LX manual trans awd with a blown engine. When I searched for engines it looked like the 97-2001s all took interchangeable engines - I am now sweating bullets that this may be wrong, can someone let me know if I made a mistake? The...
  2. 2001 CR-V acceleration issues PLEASE HELP

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I have a 01 CR-V with 168k often times when accelerating it will not go. it will do it mostly at higher speeds 45+ but sometimes it does it at lower speeds too. i cannot keep it in cruise control because it will slow down on hills especially. Anyone have any ideas as to what the issue...
  3. CRV Timing belt correct tension?

    Problems & Issues
    Those of you that have experience replacing the timing belt, after it's been correctly set what tension/deflection should the belt have? I did the timing belt change recently on my Gen1 B20 CRV and like an idiot I didn't read the manual fully about the correct method to tension the timing belt...
  4. Correct belt deflection on timing belt on B20 engines??

    Maintenance and Service
    Seems this "issue" is widespread, well at least the technique to get the tension right is widely discussed. On a correctly tensioned timing belt how much deflection should there typically be on the belt between the camshaft pulleys? Some say around 1/4" between the pulleys and the belt...
  5. JDM B20 w/ P8R Head/Intake Manifold

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello guys I have a (First Gen)1999 Honda CRV AWD Automatic, and I currently am waiting for a JDM B20 from HMotors. The sales rep told me I would have to change my intake manifold from my old motor and put it on the JDM motor, he said the JDM motors intake manifold was a P8R, along with the head...
  6. fantastic b20 engine!

    Performance Modifications
    The headline says it all :) I have a 1998 Cr-v 293000km (183000miles) here in January i switched my cylinderhead and added new piston and oilrings. i purchased another cylinderhead and gave it an overhaul, grinding, new seals and everything ready to plug and play. Did the job 14 days ago...
  7. Odd Noise from rear..Possibly diff or driveshaft? help please :)

    Dear Honda:
    Howdy, got an 01 crv 4wd 5speed, when driving and corning at higher speeds, between fast shifts i hear a dry hollow whine coming from the rear of the car first time crv owner, but from working at a honda dealer in the past i do know this gen is prone to needing a rear diff rebuild/replace...
  8. CRV B20B vs B20Z

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I've got a 2001 Honda CR-V LX with a 4 cyl, 2.0L B20 engine. Lately I've been researching different engine types for CRV models and just want to know what's the difference between a B20B engine and a B20Z engine? I realize that rumors have been spread to say that they're both the same, and I've...
  9. Tough b20 finally died! The build begins...

    Performance Modifications
    Have this thread over on hondasuv forum and figured it'd be helpful to folks over here too, plus ya'll are nicer over here, lol! Wife's dd overheated about a year ago blowing out the gasket between 1&2 per compression still drove perfectly fine so I postponed any major work such...
  10. ls block, ctr piston, b20 head e85 burner

    Performance Modifications
    so recently my 1st gen crv has been having some starting issues and its been using oil and low oil pressure so i checked around on the local import forums and i found a b18a1 for a hundred bucks went and picked it up and the kid basicly gave me everything excepted a shell to put the motor in...
  11. Swapping in another B20... how much trans fluid to put in?

    Performance Modifications
    I'll be swapping another b20 into the Crv next week. The old motor had really worn rings that pushed out 280k miles on the stock block. I'll be draining the auto trans fluid but while the tranny is out, i'll was thinking about getting all the fluid out of there so I can run new fluid in there...
  12. Another B20 valve problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hello to all. I have a '99 V with 190K on it. About 3 months (5K miles) ago I got a CEL, went to Autozone and the scanner showed P0300, P0301, -02, -03, and -04. The guy was told me he had seen this before and that I better adjust my valves. Well I adjusted the valves and the car ran great for...
  13. CAN ANYONE HELP!!! 98 B20 cam seal replacement

    Problems & Issues
    I purchased a 1998 JDM b20b for my 90 honda civic HB last summer, stored it for the winter and pulled it out recently to find that the cam seal is leaking. Honda engines are still very new to me considering i was used to a sohc 1.5L and now have a DOHC 2.0L out of a CR-V. I have been to forums...
  14. FS: B20 Throttle body

    Trading Post
    I need to sell this throttle body, its off a 1999 cr-v with the b20z2. $20 plus shipping
  15. B20 difference? 96 model and 99 model

    Performance Modifications
    Can someone help me tell the difference of the two motors? I know there is the 96-98 B20 model and there is the 99-01 B20 model 96 = 126 and 99 = 146 hp right and same torque The only thing I have found was that the 99-01 models have a different intake or somewhat a box on top of the intake...
  16. FS: b20z2 (first gen)

    Trading Post
    i have many many parts for a first gen, send me a email at [email protected]
  17. Looking for torque specs for 98 crv b20

    Performance Modifications
    Hey I'm doing some maintinence on the crv and I was looking for some torque specs: Water pump Tensioner idler pulley The cam hold down top caps (replacing cam seals) Oil pan Thanks