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  1. 2014 humming sound when backing up, help?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    I have a 2014 CRV with 125,000 miles on it. Upon backing up, I get a loud humming sound coming from the rear of the car. It stops when not moving. If brakes are applied and I am still rolling, it is still there. The sound is not the brake pad wear indicator - not screechy like that, more of...
  2. 1st gen rear brake drum backing plates discontinued, HELP! I found Patch panels tho!

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    So I live in the rust belt, acquired a free 98 CRV from neighbor. Rear wheel arches are full of rot. Trying to get this 4wd CRV on the road for my son this winter. I already restored a 2002 Miata for him which had a ton of rust. He will not be trying his luck in the snow with that! The CRV...
  3. 99 CR-V Timing Belt backing plate issue w/Pics...

    Problems & Issues
    I was driving down the expressway like a happy camper coming back from McD's wtih my breakfast burritos and Lg Sweet tea when a loud pop and some grinding noises came out of my 99 CR-V engine bay. It came to a halt given me just enough time to pull to the side. There was electrical power but it...
  4. Cute; turns on the rear wiper if you are backing up

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    It's a rainy day here in Raleigh, NC, today. I noticed that when I had my front wipers on (on the slowest intermittent setting), it instantly made several passes with my rear wiper when I put it in reverse to back out of a parking space. I think it might have made a couple gratuitous extra...
  5. 2003 EX - Rear Brake Backing Plate

    Problems & Issues
    My mechanic was doing a complete rear brake job for me (pads, rotors, calipers) and called with bad news. The rear brake backing plates were rusted out and barely attached. Apparently it's a big job requiring the hub being removed and new bearings being installed. For now I told him to finish...
  6. 2011 Honda CR-V 4WD Noise when backing up

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I have 70,000 miles on this vehicle. It has been making a load noise when backing up. Could this be due to the differential fluid never bing changed?
  7. Burn't Rubber Smell When Backing Up

    Problems & Issues
    Noticed today a pronounced burn't rubber smell coming from the Right rear wheel area. Tire is not touching exhaust? What could be causing this? Have a 04 EX model. Would appreciate any help in diagnosis of problem.
  8. 2007 CR-V has humming sound when backing out of garage

    Problems & Issues
    I just purchased this 2007 with 63,000 miles on the CR-V. This humming sound with a little vibration happens when I am backing out of the garage and moving very slow. Also, if I put it in drive and move back up to the garage ever so slowly, the sound is still there. After I start driving...
  9. 2011 AWD CRV makes a clank sound when backing up a hill in reverse

    Problems & Issues
    I noticed that our new CRV was making a sound when backing up an incline. It does not do it on level ground only when it hits a certain point on the incline. I had it at the dealer the other day and they said it checks out fine and nothing is wrong. Has anyone else noticed this????
  10. 2011 CRV noise in rear when backing 1st am

    Problems & Issues
    Every morning when back out of garage, 2011 CRV makes a creaking noise from the rear of the vehicle & definately is not brakes. After vehicle is driven noise goes away. Appears rear differentials have had numerous issues & some have fixed by simplying changing rear diff. fluid. Wondering if...
  11. 09,EX-L left front backing plate noise

    Problems & Issues
    I have a noise,intermitant tin brake backing plate noise from the left front wheel. I've pulled the caliper and pads, nothing in there making the backing plate make noise(rock or something). Could I have a front wheel bearing going out at 37,000 miles? Thanks Scott
  12. Blind spot when backing up

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I love our new 11 CR-V. One thing bothers me is when I am backing up the car, I can't see much of anything in the direction to the rear-left of the the car. When I back the car up, I always turn my hear to the right and back. In this car, I can see directly behind and to the rear-right of the...
  13. Noise from rear when backing up?

    Problems & Issues
    My new 2011 SE makes a noise like rubbing or dragging sound when backing up sometimes louder than other times, this can be heard from outside by others. I have taken it to the dealer but then it did not make the noise of course, they tried it and check the fluid level. I wll have to go back is...
  14. Disabling rear wiper when backing up

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Is there a way to disable the feature where if you have the front wipers turned on the rear wipers turn on when you back up? This is an issue if I have a bike rack on the rear of the car. Thanks
  15. Need a backing plate for my 03 CRV passenger side mirror.

    Problems & Issues
    My passenger side mirror was hit by some road side debris and the mirror flew off with the backing plate which could not be retrieved. Now I got the mirror from Honda dealer but that doesn't come with backing plate. Do you know when can I get that? Or if any one has any broken mirror where at...
  16. 1st Gen backing mirror

    My 1st gen v does not have a backing mirror at the rear door. I see some 1st gen models with this. Question is, is this mirror stock on some years of the gen1's or is this just a custom add up. Thanks! * note: i'm not sure what you call this mirror. it's the one hanging outside behind the car...
  17. intermittent noise when backing

    Problems & Issues
    Hi and help, Here's the problem on my 2007 CRV: Start engine; shift from "P" to "R". No noises yet. Take foot off brake and start backing. Hear a real quick, metallic, grinding noise. (but only happens couple times a week) Thanks, Tom
  18. ac issue,honda's backing out

    Problems & Issues
    hi ,new to the forum ,excellent site ! please reply need help! anyway, me and my wife have a 04-v ex have had it now for about 4 mths which was purchased from a honest local used car dealer.only has 50,000 miles on it,now .well three days ago wife was driving and the a/c went out.took it to a...
  19. Creaking noise when backing out driveway

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, again. I was wondering if it is normal for a creaking noise to take place while backing out of a driveway. The noise comes from the back portion of the vehicle. The driveway is slightly inclined but not steep. I never notice the sound when backing out of level parking spaces or any...