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  1. how to fix badly designed rails on CRV 2016?

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    You would think that things would get better over time but not so, my old Ford rails were much better designed that those I had installed on my new CRV. The problem. The roof rails are very slippery, (my ford had rubber all along the rail to stop slipping) and also there is NOTHING to tie off...
  2. Looking at buying my first CRV, need help badly! Really appreciate it.

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hello all. It's a 1997 Honda CR-V LX. I live in Canada (doesn't snow where I live much) It has 188,000 KM (120,000 ~ miles) and he is asking $4495 CAD aka $3200 USD. Original engine and transmission. Timing Belt changed at 120,000 km All weather nokian tires Brake pads recently installed...
  3. Badly Checkered Black Window Trim

    I have a 2010 CRV-EXL. The trim on the doorposts adjacent to both front and rear windows is badly weathered and displays stripes and checkered patterns which appear to be caused by abrasion. The local Honda dealer's service manager told me this is a common problem. The black trim is not paint...
  4. 2000 CRV leaking oil badly

    Problems & Issues
    Hello from Wisconsin I bought a 2000 CRV and I love it. But I have had few problems sent buying it about a year ago. The door alarm and headlight alarms don't always work and the dash board clock never turns on unless it's -30 f , but the biggest problem is the oil leak. It's leaking oil...
  5. 2008 UK Manual, behaving badly!

    Problems & Issues
    I've posted this in the Europe section, but it might get some more views here, and hopefully someone can tell me what it's likely to be. Hi all, Noticed a bit of a weird issue today, and I wonder if you guys can shed any light on it. I've got a Diesel Manual, but noticed today that if I put...
  6. 2000 CRV behaving badly every morning

    Problems & Issues
    2000 CRV behaving badly every morning--engine hiccups? I have a 2000 CRV SE with 116,000 miles on it that does strange things every time I get in and drive it after leaving it parked for a few hours. The engine will hiccup and jerk when I pull up to a stop light for the first mile or two of...
  7. Advice badly needed

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hi everyone! I have a G1-V with a G2-V rims on it (205/70/r15) the tires needs to be replaced and I am planning to put on some A/T set of tires on it preferably a yokohama geolander a/t-s (205/70/r15). my concern is...would an off-road set of tires would be alright on it in terms of performance...
  8. Ceilng flutters badly with sunroof open

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2nd gen. CR-V. I first started noticing this problem last Nov. when I was on a washboard dirt road. It's a fluttering noise, and it felt like the vehicle was vibrating. I get it when I run over washboards and uneven roads. It turns out it's the headliner vibrating real badly. It's...
  9. Inside door sills very badly marked

    Our ES auto is just five months old and has many scratches on both front plastic door sills (passenger side is worse). Dealer is not interested (ïnherent problem with all cars...") but I don't buy that and cannot recall any of my previous cars ever having a problem like this after years of use -...