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  1. Can barely use this website. Sure frustrated. so complicated.

    Website & Platform Help
    Oh wow. Okay. needs to be 10 letters. Might be nice to SIMPLIFY HOW TO EVEN USE YOUR WEBSITE. Have no idea what a "track back"... Jeez. I just want some help, answers and feedback about my older CRV.
  2. Door Lock Sound Barely Audible

    Problems & Issues
    2015 - CRV-----Is there any way to make that barely audible "chirp", when locking doors from outside the vehicle, louder? Can the device be changed to something louder? Where is it located?
  3. Door Ajar when barely pushing on door panel

    Problems & Issues
    My wife just got a new to her 2008 Honda CR-V with 31,000 miles on it. I've noticed when I drive it that the door ajar light comes on when I ever so slightly push on the door with my leg. Is this an indication that the switch on the door jam is bad or is it possible that there's a lose wire...
  4. since new tires - abs is weak, cruise control barely works, 16s to 60mph.

    Problems & Issues
    I wanted to post this in a different thread because there are so many issues, most of them minor. If this is against the rules, I apologize. I got 215/75s on my CRV, since then my ABS barely works, is there any way to adjust it for the new tires or is it possibly broken in some way? It will...