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  1. Cats, Dogs & other Pets
    Can anyone recommend a dog barrier that will fit in a Honda CR-V 2017? I have a Great Dane/Black Lab rescue and need to find a safe way to travel with him. Also, any recommendations for a safety clip so he doesn't jump out the back with the back door/trunk goes up? Thank you!
  2. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Does anyone know of a decent pet barrier that would mount behind the front seats and folded down rear seats?
  3. Accessories
    Hi there, New CR-V owner -- just got ours a few days ago and loving it! I would like feedback / advice on choosing a pet barrier to keep my giant dog safe and from scratching the headrests. I really like Travall's custom version. The fit is great but, most importantly, I think having a...
  4. Accessories
    Hello, I am looking for a pet barrier for my new 2010 CR-V LX...does anybody have one that works particularly well?
  5. Problems & Issues
    I own a 2001 Honda CR-V Sport with a sunroof. I've made some enquiries about purchasing a cargo barrier and having it installed. I won't go genuine - their price was almost $600. The guy in the parts department referred me to a local company and it was here that I was told that because I have a...
  6. Accessories
    Need a way to keep the dog from climbing over the back seat. Need to keep her between the hatch and the rear seat. Any ideas for where to buy a divider?