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  1. Clay Bars

    Wax on, Wax Off
    I have to be an idiot. I spent the last 4 hours washing and claying my V. Well from what I seen, I may as well rubbed it with a piece of Saran wrap or silly putty. I have some tree sap on the car and the sides have tiny tar spots. Never got to the sides. I was not successful in removing one...
  2. BEST Nerf (step) bars for the 2008 cr-v??

    HI Just bought a 2008 CR-V EX. Any opinions on who makes the best Nerf bars for the CR-V... I.E. The step bars that fit the CR-V correctly and easily with NO modifications? (preferably not with a million bolts and extra fitting plates) Any in particular to AVOID? Thanks for the input! Kez
  3. Anti Sway Bars?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE TO FIND AFTERMARKET ANTI-SWAY BARS FOR FRONT OR BACK OF 1999 CRV ALL WHEEL DRIVE? Also would anyone know off hand what the largest diameter tire that can fit comfortably in the wheel well if I have the stock 15 in rims. 215/70r15 is the current tire on the cr-v
  4. side bars installation

    Problems & Issues
    good day to everybody! i bought a set of side bars for my 1999 crv in the ebay and because it was a used item there was no guidelines on how to install it, ive been to some garage to have it fit but they dont know how and i even went to honda but they refuse to fit it for the reason it wasnt...
  5. 1999 sway bars

    Hey all,:) I just joined this forum, just bought a 1999 ex 4wd with 60 k miles. To start with it feels like it could use a set of fatter sway bars and I am having problems finding a set, thats all for now (limited budjet), otherwise I like this car and hope it will get me to work in the...