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  1. UK based CR-V Brand New Weathertech Car Mats for sale

    Trading Post
    Hello all, I have a UK-based, right-hand drive 2015 reg CR-V and recently bought a set of front Weathertech car mats/floorliner. They are the laser-measured, precision fitted all-weather mats and I have them for both the drivers and passengers sides. Weathertech shipped me two full sets by...
  2. 2010 EX-L - Replacing stock radio with direct-fit Android or Windows CE -based radio

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi All I'm new to the forum, having just picked up a 2010 Royal Blue EX-L (without Navi). I am also the current owner of a 2003 Pilot a previous owner of a 2000 Dark Green CR-V SE. When I was shopping for this car I considered the factory Navi system, but as a techie I didn't want to feel...
  3. Android Based Aftermarket 2013-14 EX-L Nav (Google Maps) Back up Cam, etc

    Mobile Electronics
    About to purchase a 2014 AWD Honda CR-V EX-L without Navigation with a plan to eventually upgrade the stock EX-L radio and with an ANDROID based AFTERMARKET combo Navigation system when the right system hits the market. It seems like there is a market for: CHOICE 1 Requirements: • Android 4+...
  4. Kerry Says Talks With Iran Will Not Be Based on Trust

    Off Topic Section
    Kerry Says Talks With Iran Will Not Be Based on Trust Secretary of State John Kerry, in his first remarks about Iran since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel warned the United States to be wary of talks with the country,said on Thursday that the United States would negotiate Download...
  5. ANY UK BASED RADIO HAMS, need 20amps in boot

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all i'm a new member on the forum have owned my CR-V for just two weeks. my question is how to feed a power cable directly from the battery to the boot Via the bulkhead / firewall 2006 model last of series 3, need at least 20-25 amps running Icom IC7000. Also how to remove glovebox