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  1. 2018 CR-V LX AWD Basic Stereo Swap

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello to the world of CR-V owners. I recently purchased a CR-V LX AWD, but not fond of the stereo. I have found that it just does not appeal to my eyes. I have found a older model from a 2017 CR-V that is touchscreen with a volume nob. I am curious as to if it is interchangeable with my model...
  2. UK 2009 CR-V SE, basic model. Air con switch light flashes once a second. No A/c.

    Problems & Issues
    I've looked for a diagram or something to explain what the light means but so far nothing. It goes away if the fan is turned off. Heater seems OK. 170000 miles so anything is possible. Any clues please?
  3. XM Channel Up Down Fail after Subscription Reduced to XM Basic Plus

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Today my free three month full XM subscription expired so I called XM and switched to their low cost XM Basic Plus option. It reduces the channels and creates gaps or "channel not available" for the higher priced channels. I have used XM Basic Plus in the past and am satisfied with the...
  4. Quick question regarding Honda basic 3 year warranty

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know if my Honda CRV 3/36k basic warranty covers things like the whipper washer problems? When I first got the car I didn't test it, but today I finally added the fluid in the reservoir and realized there is something wrong with the spray or hose. I opened the hood and saw it leaking...
  5. Angel eyes basic question

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello everyone, I've been browsing the forums for quite sometime and today i decided to join at last. I have a question regarding the angel eyes/halo lights/ corona lights as people refer to them. I want to install them on my 2002 CRV, anyways the question is.. Do these lights/rings replace my...
  6. a few basic questions

    Maintenance and Service
    My car: 2006 basic level CRV. --Only 30K miles, --one owner (me). --Garaged. --My car works great. --- I have done minimum maintenance like new tires this summer, engine oil change and point inspections, and new battery put in today. I know my brakes are about 50%. Basically, I have done...
  7. CR-V Touring vs basic Lexus NX?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I need some help/opinions. We are cross-shopping the new CR-V Touring (approx 31k) versus the new Lexus NX with very few options (approx 35k). Any thoughts on how these vehicles compare?
  8. Basic upgrades for better economy

    Performance Modifications
    I have a 1999 crv awd and 4at with 70k I just purchased. What are some basic upgrade to get better gas mileage. Thanks.
  9. 2012 CRV basic version - ending USB audio from flashdrive ANGST

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all, I've search and read through all the past USB threads here, and some of the information seems to be contradictory. One said a 16GB thumbdrive was the limit - another guy got a full 32GB to work, but not a 64GB. I have Apple ipods, but don't want to use one in the car when a cheaper...
  10. Two questions; one basic, one not.

    Problems & Issues
    I just purchased a 2011 CR-V. In signing-up for this group I was asked which version it was, but I couldn't find mine on the list. The window sticker says mine is a: "2011 CR-V 5DR 2WD SE". Judging from the owner's manual and a picture of the factory-stock radio, mine has to be an EX. Two...
  11. Basic Tire question

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    The CRV is known for having road noise and I was wondering will good tires such as michellin's for example cut down on road noise significantly? Thank you
  12. very basic question

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    hi all, looking at an 05, what is behind the panel below the rear (trunk / boot) door handle...... cheers
  13. Q: New 2009 CR-V - I need BASIC Cleaning tips...

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi everyone. I'm new here and I was unable to find just regular cleaning care using the search function. I don't have the option of putting my CR-V in a garage right now. I also would have a hard time washing my car myself becasue parking here is limited and I'm not carrying a bucket from...
  14. Basic Maintenance - belts

    Maintenance and Service
    I would like to change the belts (AC, Alternator, and Power Steering). How do I release the tension on the belts? Anything unusual/different about changing these belts?
  15. nee basic tips Honda CR-V -EX 2005

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    hi friends first time i am posting/ from toronto to this forum and first time buyer of Honda CRV-EX say Hi to all you, friends and thanks for start this valuable forum !!!! i just bought Honda CRV-EX 2005 from Honda delar it is 52000 KM driven when they diliver they change engine oil.. 5W20...