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  1. Spinning Beach Ball

    Website & Platform Help
    Wonder why I constantly get the spinning beach ball/screen freeze-up, when on this site, on my iMac?:confused2:........rarely see the spinning beach ball on other websites. It just started here say a week, or so, ago. Thanks.
  2. Light-bar - for night beach combing - Any Suggestions?

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hey Guys, I am now able to go where my old FWD could never go. Does anyone have a suggestion for a light-bar that mount on the Touring Roof Rails? thanks! Billy in South Texas
  3. I love my AWD Touring! We can beach comb where 4x4 only can go

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I have to say I love my CRV AWD! We can drive in confidence down empty beaches were only a 4x4 can go seeing many things washed up on shore free for the picking!. Don't forget next week National parks are free again Apil 22-23.
  4. Crv get out beach

    Image & Video Gallery
  5. Aloha from Redondo Beach, CA

    Greetings & Introductions
    We're a two CRV family; 2000 LX AWD and 2007 EX-L. The '00 has ~110K miles and has been great since day one :) The '07 has also been great except I think it must have a "KICK ME" sign on it. This is the third year in a row it's spent Thanksgiving holiday and beginning of Dec in the body shop...
  6. New from Long Beach, Calif

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi all, I'm LBKiteGuy. I purchased my Honda CR-V in 2007 and when I was looking for some feedback about purchasing new tires I came upon this site. Other than a battery and routine maintenance this is my first investment since the purchase. I am leaning towards Michelin because on a post it said...
  7. Hello from Myrtle Beach

    Greetings & Introductions
    After going round and round with my ocal dealer I leased a CRV w Nav from a dealer in Charleston 100 miles away... Terms were $600 down $327 month $17818 Residual 3 years. This being a fourth vehicle behind my wife's RAV 4, My Corvette and Harley I don't expect to put more than 15K on it in...
  8. Beach driving

    Off The Beaten Path
    Hi everyone. My wife and I have a 2007 Crv and are going to OBX in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone has any experience in an '07 and newer Crv on the beach. I've done some searching and cant find anything on the newer Crv's. My main concern is the soft sand and ground clearence...
  9. VA Beach / Norfolk CR-V Owner Favor

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello All, I have a HUGE favor to ask someone if they are willing to do it. I have a VERY good friend that has a car stereo shop in VA Beach, near Lynnhaven Mall. I would REALLY like him to build me a custom enclosure for my CR-V but I can't make it up there with my vehicle in the next couple...
  10. V' at the Beach

    Image & Video Gallery
    Spent a beautiful day at the beach so did a quick photo shoot...:)
  11. Carolina Beach North End Camping

    Biking, Camping, Hiking, & Kayaking
    Well im going on a road trip day after christmas to miami from pa and on the way back up the east coast wanted to do some camping. Friend of mine says you can camp on the beach 20 minutes from where she lives but to drive on the beach you need 4wd... My question is will by 2000 CRV AWD Auto be...
  12. Some more beach driving with a wet supise

    Off The Beaten Path
    Ive been out today to the beach again with some friends.This time we got up on a different point,further up from the main start,about 25km upwards.The beach baisically forms a finger and on the left as you drive north, is a lagoon behind the hills. We had a bad start,got seriously stuck in the...
  13. Fun on the beach in my CR-V

    Off The Beaten Path
    At last I took my V of the road and onto the beach.The V is very capable on the sand,didnt even take some air out of the tyres. Drove about 5Km on the beach when I got stuck in realy soft sand.My friend who drove a Rav got worried but I yelled not to worry,im in a V.Reversed out perfectly, didnt...
  14. Running a 2003 AWD CR-V on a sandy beach

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Is it feasable to run a 2003 CRV on a soft sandy beach? We would think nothing of running my V6 Ford Explorer out on the Rhode Island beaches in the fall to do some fishing Does this type of terrain hold limitations to the usefulness of the CR-V vehicle? Thanks, Glen :)
  15. Driving a CRV on the beach

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I was wondering if anybody has taken their CRV for a ride on the beach. I wanted to know how it handled. Looking to go out this weekend.
  16. myrtle beach, south carolina meet

    Southeast, Mid-South, & Gulf Coast Owners
    anybody interested, we have bike rallys, mustang, classic car meets, and mud boggs. but no tuner, not to mention cr-v meets!?!
  17. My Beach Buggy!

    Image & Video Gallery
    Take a peak...
  18. Beach off roading

    Southeast, Mid-South, & Gulf Coast Owners
    The best off roading in Florida is the beach. Remember when it's wet it's good traction. When it's dry you sink. Then wash it off it's full of salt.
  19. Cooloola Way - a 4WD trail near Rainbow Beach

    Off The Beaten Path
    While my wife, daughter and I were spending a week away up north in Noosa at the Sunshine Coast, I really got the bug for doing some offroading. That was when I grabbed the keys to our CR-V and went searching the area for some tracks. But first we stopped for some breakfast near our...