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  1. Power skipping a beat

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all I've got a 2007 Honda CR-V 2.2 diesel 185000 miles The problem I'm having is with a sudden drop in power almost like it's skipping a beat I'm not an expert but could this be a timing belt issue When I'm in 3rd and accelerating to 3200rpm it seems to do it Just misses for half a second...
  2. A/C has been beat to death

    Problems & Issues
    already, I know. I've had an 04 5spd rt4wd CR-V for all of, two months now. The AC when I purchased the vehicle was like ice, i would get out of the vehicle and my glasses would instantly fog up. About 2 weeks ago, the A/C stopped working. The blower is fine, it works on all speeds, all the...
  3. Honda EV-STER Electric Sports Car is a 21st Century Beat: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

    The star attraction of Honda's Tokyo Motor Show press conference is an all-new electric sports car concept. Initially billed as the Small Sports EV Concept, at it's debut Honda is now referring to the car as the EV-STER. The rear wheel drive two seater looks like a spiritual successor to the...
  4. Hard to Beat: That's the take on Honda's all-new CR-V [8.25.6]

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