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  1. Gates (belts) problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I was wondering if any one has had problems with Gates belts and water pumps? I'm currently having problems with the kit that I had installed and with the company.
  2. Serpentine belts

    Maintenance and Service
    I need to change my serpentine belts. I managed to change the power steering without much trouble but I still need to do A/C and Alt, what's the best way to get to these? If someone has step-by-step and photos that would be helpful. Also, how do you all go about making sure everything has the...
  3. HELP Transmission and Brakes and Belt question

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello there and thanks for your time to stop and read and help , I know times are hard for everyone and including dealerships so i think mine is trying to steal from me or just have bad employees working for them, At 53000 I had my big package Maintenance done and today I had to bring it in for...
  4. 2000 crv seat belts

    Maintenance and Service
    I would like to find out how to remove the front seat belts on my 2000 CRV. They were locked up because of an accident. Also does anyone know where the srs mode is located? Thanks for your help.
  5. 99 CRV belt, alternator, battery

    Maintenance and Service
    Here is what has happened. Need your expertise on whether the two incidents could be related or just a flook. Repair shop to resolve occasional screeching. Changed Belts: PS, alternator, a/c Pick up car, 3 mil down road, accelerate and little speed, a/c weak, ABS light comes on, pull over...
  6. 2008 Honda 75,000 Maint question

    Maintenance and Service
    My wife have a 2008 CRV that we love and have maintained the best we know how. It's never needed anything other than new filters, fluids, tires and oil changes. We're at the 75,000 mark and we got a notice about scheduling a run into the shop for the stuff needed then. My question is...
  7. How to fix seat belts and passenger frame weight after an accident

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    My CRV had airbags deploy in an accident. All bodywork is done, airbags replaced etc but the airbag lites are on. The dealer says we have to buy a complete new seatbelt and seatbelt clip and change the passenger seat frame. I've hunted around and found that the seatbelt likely only needs a new...
  8. About the seat belts chime,

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know how to disable it? Not hardware, I mean software. Thanks!
  9. my belts fell off

    Maintenance and Service
    i was going down the road in my 98 v and all the sudden i lost power stearing noticed it getting warm slowly and i was close to ware i was going it made it with out getting very hot at all just a little over normal and then i opened the hood and noticed all my belts fell of the pully that...
  10. rear seat belts

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    I had to ride in the rear seat of my '99 not long ago, and the seat belts there don't let you move around. They lock up with the slightest movement. Honda says that's normal. Is there any fix?
  11. Help me fix these squeeling belts!

    Performance Modifications
    My first gens belts decided to start squeeling today. They are so annoying. I have heard that if you rub a bar of soap under the belts it makes them silent and i have also heard that if you pour a bit of pepsi or coke on the belts it quiets them also. I dont even know what to do. My car only has...
  12. Basic Maintenance - belts

    Maintenance and Service
    I would like to change the belts (AC, Alternator, and Power Steering). How do I release the tension on the belts? Anything unusual/different about changing these belts?
  13. why timing belts

    Maintenance and Service
    From what I understand the crv prior to 2002 has a timing belt while 2002 and later has a timing chain. All other hondas including the pilot and odyssey have timing belts I believe. I dont know about the ridgeline. My question is why not go to timing chains for less service. Why switch on only...
  14. Passanger seat belts lock up

    Problems & Issues
    2007 CRV Passanger seat belts lock up I drive a 2007 CRV, when my wife buckles up she usually pulls the set belt out way past where the normal person needs to, and once it is buckled lets the excess retract. Sometimes you hear a soft ratching noice and then the seat belt is locked up. She has...