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  1. How to Remove Instrument Panel Bezel - 2015 dash rattle

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, My 2015 CR-V has an annoying rattle that occurs only when the car is warmed up and driving on slightly rough pavement. I had it to the dealer twice (still under warranty) and they really tried but it still happens. The rattle comes from the lower part of the instrument panel bezel...
  2. Replace shifter bezel?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey guys! New CRV owner. I found a 2008 with low mileage. I was hoping I could get some help with one issue. The interior is in immaculate shape except for the bezel that surrounds the shifter (auto, not manual) - it's really scratched and beat up for some reason. I found the part online and...
  3. Pics of double DIN install with OEM bezel?

    Mobile Electronics
    Does any one have pictures of a double DIN install using the factory NAV bezel in a 3rd Gen? Planning on installing in the next few weeks but would like to see how it will look. I know there are pictures out there but am looking for ones with the factory bezel. Thanks!
  4. '07 CR-V LX Dashboard & Radio bezel

    anybody know how to remove the radio from the dashboard? i am installing something below the radio in the open DIN spot... but i haven't the foggiest clue where to start removing the thing! your help would be greatly apreciated! :) :) :)