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  1. 2014 CRV, location of cooling system bleeder valve?

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    When the time comes I want to replace the coolant myself. However, I alsomwant to purge the system of unwanted air. Where is the cooling system bleeder valve located? Thanks......
  2. Brake Pressure Bleeder Adaptor

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello all, If this has been posted before, then please disregard. I have searched extensively for a reliable DIY pressure bleeder, all of which seemed to end at some silly chain attachment or a u-bolt under the master cylinder. Then I found a post on another honda forum that used a 2" rubber...
  3. Brake Bleeder Valve Clogged

    Problems & Issues
    I recently attempted to bleed my brakes on my 2001 CR-V SE. I followed instructions from the Chilton's manual, but when I attempted the first caliper (front driver's side) I had to turn the bleed valve almost a full turn before anything came out. And when it did let anything out, the only thing...
  4. Brake fluid pressure bleeder for my 2nd gen cr-v

    Maintenance and Service
    I decided to try out a pressure bleeder setup for my 2nd gen cr-v. There are plenty of brake bleeding videos (like the one from ericthecarguy) on the net, so I won't list the procedure, but this setup is for anyone who wants adapt their air compressor to make a pressure bleeder for their honda...
  5. Brake bleeder size 2008 CRV EX?

    Maintenance and Service
    I tried searching for this info but came up empty. I usually replace the standard brake bleeders with speed bleeders in just about all of my vehicles. They work great, are inexpensive, and make the bleeding job so much faster and easier. In my 93 Legend, I used Russell speed bleeders #639610...
  6. Brake fluid replacement using the Motive Power Bleeder

    Maintenance and Service
    I just got some info from Motive Products which I figured I'd post before I forgot it... There is no "car specific" adapter cap for Honda. He gets emails all the time and has a standing offer of $500.00 plus some other stuff for anyone who can make one that works over 10 PSI. So, he...