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  1. 2002 CRV A/C Failure, bad smell, 20A fuse blown

    Problems & Issues
    I've browsed through a lot of other CRV air conditioning posts and can't find one with the same symptoms as mine. 2002 CRV with 70,000 miles, previous owner had receipt for replacement of compressor about two years ago. A/C had worked fine all summer. While driving on the highway yesterday, I...
  2. Things I am blown away with

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Things I am blown away by I have had my '18 CR-V Touring less than 1 month, and every day it seems that I find something else that is just so cool that it blows me away! This one I just had to share. (Although i suspect many of you have discovered it anyway!) One thing i didn't like was the...
  3. 2016 CRV Touring AWD, feels like getting blown all over road

    Problems & Issues
    4500 miles on it...terrible drive at highway speeds, car feels like it is floating or getting blown all over road ( even when not windy) feels like it gets stuck in grooves or ruts in road.. I am white knuckle driving the whole time to maintain control. condition is worst when I am on concrete...
  4. 2001 Honda CR-V Blown Head Gasket

    Problems & Issues
    My 2001 Honda CR-V SE was purchased new by me and has about 70,000 miles on it. I was driving it on Friday when the air conditioning suddenly seemed to stop cooling the car. About 30 minutes later, the engine overheated and white smoke was billowing from the engine. Roadside assistance came...
  5. blown head gasket

    Problems & Issues
    Had a blowout between 1&2... Any recommendations for a good brand of gasket? I also figured I'd change the bolts. Maybe studs? I also had a couple of the small bolts that retain the cam caps break off while loosening :p Any advise would be most welcome! I'm a pretty experienced mechanic but...
  6. Rear Wiper blown fuse, changed fuse and now wiper runs slowly and stops in wrong plac

    Problems & Issues
    My wife's '07 CRV has had a rear wiper that hasn't worked. I checked it out a little today and noticed the fuse was blown. I replace the fuse and tested it out and the wiper ran. But it's running slowly and will stop in random spots instead of all the way down on each side. She told me it was...
  7. 2008 CRV with no check engine light? Blown engine as a result

    Maintenance and Service
    I have 2008 CRV EX AWD with 60,000 babied miles. Last week, air was blowing hot air. Took to a Firestone service center to check freon. Was informed there was NO coolant in the radiator. They replaced a housing in the radiator that was cracked. Went to pick up the car, wouldn't start. Towed to a...
  8. Hard pull to right, blown tire, twice

    Problems & Issues
    I don't know if anyone can help, but a friend of mine needs help. He has a 2001 CR-V that he has flat towed behind his motor coach for over 120,000 miles. Yesterday while traveling in MT. he can upon some road construction. They had applied a top dressing od oil and fine sand and he had just...
  9. CRV 2.2CDTi Exec 2005 75K miles - Engine blown

    Diesel CR-V
    Off on a wee trip down the coast today to North Berwick. Everything going fine - Just coming down the motorway slip road when suddenly there was a clattering coming from the bottom of the engine. Limped 200 yards into a small garage. Two mechanics were standing outside the garage enjoying the...
  10. Reasonable trade-in value for 1997 CR-V with blown head gasket?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    1997 CR-V with about 180k miles recently overheated when thermostat croaked. Replaced thermostat, but coolant continued to drip from engine. Auto shop said the head gasket needs to be replaced ... to the tune of about $1,800. Rather put that $$ into a new (used, actually ... but new to me) car...
  11. Blown Fuse-Dome Lights

    Problems & Issues
    Newbie here...apologize if someone has all ready posted this somewhere in the forums previously...In the past year or so my V has began to eat up fuses that go to my interior lights. One every 3 months or so then down to last week were as soon as I touch the fuse to the slot (#22?) it pops it...
  12. blown head gasket

    Problems & Issues
    I think I may have a blown Head Gasket. My crv's coolant bottle is empty every two weeks and have to fill it up regularly. The radiator upper hose is bloated like its gonna explode. Changed the radiator recently (due to a damaged radiator that was causing slight overheating). Crv's temperature...
  13. rear passenger door fuse blown

    Problems & Issues
    My rear passenger door electrics stopped working (window and lock). The fuse to that door is blown and when I replaced it, the fuse blew again (kinda sounds like a short somewhere.) I rarely use this door. Does anyone have any tips on what might be blowing the fuse (actuator gone bad, frayed...
  14. Blown fuse or battery?

    Problems & Issues
    Hey folks. It was -30 here this morning and the 2005 CRV wouldn't start. Got the typical clicking sound of a dead battery. Not really a problem but the idiot that tried to give me a boost hooked up the cables to the wrong terminal. Lots of sparks and then nothing, no lights, sounds, nothing...
  15. 08 crv blown strut

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys I had a clunk appear in the rear of my 08 cr-v. After a closer look I found a blown strut and it is 3k out of warranty. Anybody else had this problem?
  16. Is it Blown or Not

    Problems & Issues
    Hi There, I think I already fixed this but here goes. My wife and I went away for the weekend up country and after driving for about 3 1/2 hrs we stopped at a store. On my return our '08 CR-V would turn over great but would not start. Tried for about three minutes, off and on to start but no go...
  17. 2005 CR-V Blown Fuse interior dome lights.

    Problems & Issues
    My 2005 CR-V has been blowing the 15A fuse for the interior dome lights for a little over 2 years now. This fuse also has the intermittent function for the rear wiper. However, there is a separate 7.5A fuse the rear wiper. I have had the car to the dealership 2 times for the issue. They really...
  18. Electrical issue or just blown speaker?

    Mobile Electronics
    New to the forum! This place is great! Just recently, my driver-side front door speaker (2000 CR-V) completely cut out on me. I need some music for my long drives! Before I go investing in new speakers, I just wanted to know if it could be a possible electrical/wiring issue instead of just a...
  19. 2000 Japan made CRV ignition fuse blown

    Problems & Issues
    Just bought this, and noticed the ignition fuse is blown and underneath it's been hotwired. Is this a problem? I notice that the 1999's had a recall on the ignition switch for blowing this fuse. will I have a problem if I just leave it hotwired? I live in Duluth, MN(lots of hills) and don't...