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  1. 2008 Honda Air Conditioning Blows Hot after 85 degrees outside

    Problems & Issues
    My Honda's air conditioner starts blowing hot air if the temperature outside is 85 degrees or more. My mechanic wants to replace the compressor and clutch, and he doesn't sound confident that this will fix it. Online research says it might be weak solder points or the hot/cold valve not...
  2. 2000 Honda CR-V blows cold not cold enough

    Problems & Issues
    Hey what’s up I have a 2000 Honda CR-V and my ac works but he blows cold but not cold enough I wanted to replace the condenser, compressor and accumulator first to see if that would make a better change save the evaporator last but had any one here ever done that and still have the same result I...
  3. AC blows cool not cold at idle

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Hi all, I don't know if the shop that I brought my car to after the accident didn't recharge the AC properly but this is the first time I've really used my AC. Yesterday was about 77 degress out, sitting in traffic with AC on and temp set to LO. It definitely felt like it was warmish/cool air...
  4. Electrical Issue Blows My Mind

    Problems & Issues
    Sorry, Kinda long, just trying to get as many details in as I can. Car is a 1998 EX Automatic with keyless entry, power windows and mirrors. I just fixed the broken wires between the driver's door and body. Replaced it with a junk yard pigtail that I soldered and shrink tubed in place of the...
  5. 2014 CRV AC blows warm air

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I had a 2014 CRV, recenly the AC starts to blow warm air. And I have already sent it to dealer to fix it 3 times. And every time they told me there was freon leaking and they fixed by changing O-ring or hose and then recharged it. But after one week, the AC failed again. Does I anyone...
  6. 2013 honda crv lx - heat doesn't work, blows cold air

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Has anyone had any problems with the heat in their 2013 Honda CRV? It just stopped working earlier this week so I took it to my own mechanic to get his opinion. He believes there is a problem with the heating core and has heard that a lot of these cars do have that problem and I should bring it...
  7. A/C clutch won't start, blows hot air

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, My 2008 CRv with ~ 85,000 miles on it was blowing dense cold air at lunchtime, then started blowing hot air at me after work, got it home and started poking around and found that the compressor clutch is not kicking on. Checked every fuse under the hood and in the cabin, all seem fine...
  8. (2003) A/C blows hot: How do I diagnose the cause?

    Problems & Issues
    hey guys, I really didn't want to post, but I can't seem to find a good guide. The A/C in my 2003 CRV suddenly stopped blowing cold air. It worked when I started the vehicle, but I turned it off and rolled down the windows to let all the heat out. After I got going down the road, I rolled up...
  9. 2009 CRV - AC blows cold, then warm, then cold

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all I just picked up a 2009 CR-V with 64k. It runs great and I love it. HOWEVER... the AC appears to be working normally, but as I drive it the AC will go from cold to warm (not quite hot - but ambient). It's seems to be mostly when the MAX AC button is on. I also seem to be able to get it...
  10. 2009 dual control AC blows hot air on driver's side

    Problems & Issues
    Last year I replaced the AC Clutch Relay. I bought the Mitsuba 7001 11 2608 at recommendation from this forum, but when I installed it the AC started blowing hot air to driver. I contacted Alldiscount and they told me I should have got the 39794-SDA-7001, which they were good enough to send me...
  11. AC Blows hot when at idle

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello all, I am a long time lurker, first time poster...Normally I can find the answer I am looking for by a quick search, but this time I am out of ideas. I did the self diagnostic for the AC and checked via OBDII for DTC's but no luck. If I am driving/moving the AC blows great. I did...
  12. 2001 crv: Horn blows when doors unlocked or opened

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I'm a new member and would like to thank you in advance for any assistance. I have a strange problem with my horn. When I use the remote or the key to unlock the doors, the horn will blow constantly. If I re-lock the doors or turn on the ignition, it stops. When the car is running...
  13. Heater blows weak (both dash and windshield vents)

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Just bought a used 01' V w/215k miles. I'm a cabin air filter freak and religiously change it on my '05 civic Si every 6 months (lots of dogs and dirt hence the near-obsessive cycle). Just changed it on the V and whoa, definitely the original. Blew the A/C on full with the filter out to...
  14. Heater Blows Hot Air

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, I purchased a 2012 Honda CRV six months back. I have noticed a strange issue with heater. Even when the fan is off, the heater keeps blowing hot air. This is irksome. I have a 2003 accord which does have this issue. When I communicated the issue with the dealer, he told me that the...
  15. 2007 CR-V AC blows warm air when idling, but cold air when driving

    Problems & Issues
    My 2007 CR-V has recently started blowing warm air with the AC on when I'm idling, but once I start driving the cold air kicks back in after anywhere from few seconds to a minute or two. Any suggestions on what is causing this?
  16. A/C blows cold and its hot out!

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 1999 crv. the ac blows cold air i think the compressor is coming on. Also i got a cheap gauge from the parts store to try and fill it. After hooking up the gauge to the low side it was reading very high. At this point im confused.. Any ideas... Thanks
  17. 2007 Honda CR-V- A/C issue - blows hot air

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, I'm the original owner of a 2007 Honda CR-v purchased brand new off the show room floor May 31, 2007. I love my CR-v. Other then my TPM module going bad and the leather on my driver side arm rest peeling off I have never had a problem with her...until today. I live in Tampa Florida and...
  18. Heater blows cool air

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I have a 2002 Honda CRV AWD, LX, 5MT. The temperature gauge is below half. The heater blows warm air, but it can definitely be a lot warmer than it is. The side vents blow even colder air than the centre vents. Tonight I am going to try to change the thermostat and coolant. Hopefully...
  19. 2010 A/C blows warm upon acceleration

    Problems & Issues
    Just wondering if any 2010s out there are having the same issue I'm having. I've had mine for about 4 months, almost 5k miles on it. My a/c blows warm air upon acceleration. Maybe this is just normal, epecially since it is over 100 and has been for days here in GA. It does cool back down once...
  20. AC blows warm air when we stop/idle

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    The AC used to blow cold when we start the car. Now it blows warm air during start up. Also, when I stop at a light, the AC blows warm air. Once I'm moving it gets quite cold. The AC was totally rebuilt about 13 months ago. Is this a case of needing to reload the AC with the refrigerant? Don