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  1. dirty back window blues

    Problems & Issues
    Any ideas what to modify to keep the rear window free from dirt and road grime. Better mud flaps. My equinox never collected this much dirt on the back window.
  2. Rainy Day Blues

    Dear Honda:
    First I will say my wife (her car) loves this new 2013 CR-V. She drove a Honda Pilot for 10 yrs and did not want to change but now that she has tasted the V she is in love with it. One pet peeve- On rainy days when you open the door or roll down the window you get drenched. The door, locks and...
  3. Open Moonroof & The Auto Carwash Blues

    Problems & Issues
    I didn’t know quite where to start this thread because it was MY problem not the vehicles. Adding a dummy light wouldn’t help, I was the dummy. I had the roof open like this < but I forgot about it. I eventually closed the cover because of the sunshine. Went to the carwash [automatic drive-in...
  4. Honda and the House of Blues Promote New Fit [6.8.6]

    Other Cars, Trucks & Bikes
    Honda and the House of Blues Promote New Fit Fit Custom Art Car to be auctioned for charity Torrance, Calif. 06/08/2006 -- American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is working with House of Blues Entertainment. Inc. in a month-long "Fit In The House" promotion and the creation and subsequent charity...