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  1. 2 boosters and toddler seat in 2009 CR-V?

    Hi, I'm trying to find a way to put 2 boosters and a toddler car seat in my 2009 Honda CR-V. Does anyone have a configuration that works for them? We currently have these three working: 1. Right - Sunshine Radian 2. Middle - Britax Roundabout 3. Left - Graco booster This current config...
  2. Spring boosters to lower or raise

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Has anyone used spring boosters like these to raise OR lower their 4wd V? Ride quality significantly worse? There are definitely times where i would like a temporary 2" lift for off road(or towing), or 2" lower for highway mpgs. Even if it takes a little bit of time to adjust each spring, its...
  3. 1 Car Seat and 2 Boosters in Back '08 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Folks, I thought I read a post about someone who got 2 boosters and a car seat to fit in their '07 or '08 CR-V. I have been trying and figure I need to purchase the correct ones to make them fit so the boosters can use the seat belt and actually buckle (they all fit but don't line up with...