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  1. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I recently traded my 01 CRV to a dealer in the greater Boston area this past Dec 2017, and still have several parts I forgot to put back in. It supposedly went to auction. Anyone out there recently acquire this dark green, standard shift CRV with close to 180K miles? It would be missing...
  2. Greetings & Introductions
    Just purchased a 2018 Honda CRV EX-L in 'Modern Steel'. Had a 2005 CRV for a brief time years ago. They've come a long way. Looking forward to finding tips and tricks to get the most out of my new vehicle.
  3. Greetings & Introductions
    Great forum. I’ve had two previous Gen 1 CR-Vs, one Gen 3, and now a brand new Gen 5 2018 Touring. I’m looking to keep up with discussions/problem/solutions for my new CR-V.
  4. Greetings & Introductions
    I am the new owner of a 2011 CR-V with a mere 42k on it. For the last 17 years I had an A4 Avant, so this is a bit of a change. The view is nice from higher up. The cornering and handling are a bit different, have to remember to slow for turns now. Thinking of H&R springs and seeing if there...
  5. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello everyone, My wife and I both have CRVs. I have a white 2015 EX with CVT and she has a red 2010 EX-L. Our first Honda was a 2008 Civic right before these CRVs. PS: any way to delete a post? I posted my intro to the wrong place on the first try.
  6. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello CRVOC. My Name is Ryan. I just started selling Hondas in Boston MA. I am thinking about leasing a CR-V AWD myself in the near future. I am here to explore peoples ownership experiences and provide information when I can. I have owned a few other Honda models.
  7. Shopping & Test Driving
    Anyone have any recommendations for a place to get a reasonably priced pre-purchase inspection of a used vehicle in Boston? Thanks!
  8. Audio, Sat-Nav & Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys! Took some pics of my 1st gen's interior and audio setup yesterday, figured I'd show her off here. This system has been coming together slowly since I bought the car almost a year ago. Beside the head unit (bought new for $79) and the front Polk speakers (from girlfriend's last car -...
  9. Greetings & Introductions
    I just purchased a brand new 2014 CR-V EX AWD. Loving it so far! I was debating between the LX or the EX, but went with the EX since the LX was missing an armrest on the passenger side and didn't come with an alarm (I park it outside in a city).
  10. Accessories
    Does anyone have recommendations on a good installer here in Boston area? I was thinking buying it off of amazon and then having the system installed from a local installer. My small mechanic shop does not do installs, and I would hate to go to Dealership. Its a 2014 EX-L if that helps.
  11. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello Everybody..Just got a new Crv ..and Love it...Looking Forward in learning from all you CRV Owners...:cool:
  12. Brakes, Tires, Wheels, Steering & Suspension
    In looking through the threads, there was nothing really recent about this so I figured I'd ask. Anyhow, I recently moved to New England and need some new tires. My CR-V is 2 wheel drive and still has its original tires on it. Having lived in Southern California for the last few years, it's been...
  13. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello everyone. My mom just got a 2010 CR-V and I just joined this forum for kicks. She downgraded from her 2004 Acura MDX since her kids aka me and my 2 younger siblings are getting older and can drive ourselves. I myself own a 2008 Volvo C30. The CR-V is a great car. I test drove it with my...
  14. Greetings & Introductions
    Looking foward to learning more about our new CRV....and of course contributing anything I can.
1-14 of 15 Results