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  1. How Do I Access Interior Fuse Box - 2017 EX L

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I picked up a new CR-V last week and want to hard-wire a dash cam using the interior fuse box. There's lots of information available on the actual installation, but I can't find anything on how to gain access to the fuse box on the 2017 model. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Glove box noise

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I tried searching. 2017 EXL There is a noise/rattle coming from the glove box. Tried it full and empty. Stops when glove box is opened. Mostly at high speeds. Can't tell if it's the latch or not. Anyone else hear of this (pun intended)?
  3. Honda short roof box - anyone have?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Curious if anyone has one of these and what your thoughts are if you do have one. Honda part 08L20-TA1-100. Our local dealer didn't have one available for us to check out when we were buying our CRV and they want ~$500 for it. I've found them online for ~$350ish. Thinking of getting one but...
  4. Fuses and Fuse Box Suggestion

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    I have a 2010 CR-V. The inside fuse box is very difficult to access for fuse checking. Also, it would be a great help if the manual used designations for individual fuses which are better defined. For example I could not determine what the HAC fuse protects. Thanks!
  5. Glove box issue

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I had a issue with Glove box today , i throw in 2 envelopes yesterday assuming it is going to be there in the glove box but today when i checked for the envelop i found only one and saw there is big opening when the Glove box is open - i think one of the envelop has went it in that opening but i...
  6. Fuse Tap For Interior Fuse Box?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Would someone please give me some links to the 15B and 10A fuse taps that would work with the Interior Fuse Box? Thank you.
  7. Blkfirstgen.....your mail box is full

    1996-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1)
    I sent you a reply about your gen 1 tonneau cover but the reply would not go through due to YOUR mailbox being full. David g............:cool:
  8. Question to anyone who has directly wired an accessory to the fuse box.

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    To anyone who has directly wired an accessory to a 2017 Honda CRV EX-L fuse box. Which fuse did you use? I purchased a Thinkware F770 dash cam. It comes with 3 wires: black (ground wire). I've got this attached to a bolt behind the pedal. NO PROBLEM. Yellow (labeled-battery wire). I've got this...
  9. auto gear box paddles

    Problems & Issues
    hi just a general question i will be looking for a cr v soon to replace my old xtype as getting to my age and a bit low to get in to. i will be looking for a 2012 2015 auto petrol .as i dont do the milage now ,question do all auto models have paddles on the steering wheel. or just certain models...
  10. Glove Box Light?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    My 2017 Honda CR-V Touring doesn't have a light in the glove box, but I wonder if the opening, picture in this photo, is for a light assembly. Photo is upside down
  11. CRV with Roof box fit in standard garage door?

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Hi, I am contemplating a new 2017 CRV. I have searched with no results. We have measured and it seems possible- but can anyone confirm if a CRV with a low profile roof box will fit through a standard garage door? (Our measurements left less than an inch of clearance summing rail height of CRV...
  12. Project gen 2.5 Gutted stock air box **Free mod for 2-5whp per hondata**

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Remove your stock air box and have a dremel with a plastic cutting disk and safety mask, glove, and glass. Then go to town on it like this **see picture below** It's a free mod if you have the tools. If you not have the tools then probably around 50 bucks to do. Still better than paying 200...
  13. 2012 CRV: Roof carrier box AND hitch carrier for long trip

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Has anyone had experience with travelling long (or short) distances with both a roof carrier (box type) AND a 48" cargo hitch carrier, a basket type? I'll be travelling from Pennsylvania to Florida (driving through West Virginia) in the next couple of months and wondered if there were any...
  14. Fuse box (Engine Control Box) ELD replacement or test. Possible Battery light fix

    Problems & Issues
    I would like to find steps for testing the ELD that is contained in the main fuse box in a 2007 CR-V. My Battery light is on yet the car charges fine. Battery is goo dand tested good. Alternator voltage is expected charging voltage range. The ELD is inside the box and I beleve must be changed as...
  15. Honda4life, clean your PM box

    1996-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1)
    I am trying to send you a PM but your mailbox is full. David g.............:cool:
  16. 1999 CRV - Warm AC, hissing noise behind the glove box (Expansion valve leak?)

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    Hello all, I recently purchased a 1999 CRV, I've owned a couple and had AC issues before. The first simply needed a new compressor, and was good to go. AC on my new 1999 CRV does not work. When the AC button is pressed, a hissing noise begins and continues until I turn the vents off or turn...
  17. Adding a Tool Box/Chest Box in Back? (Metal, Lockable, Chain to interior)

    Have any of you heard of something like this? I want to add something like this into the back of a Gen 2 CRV. My CRV has metal loops, attached to the back floor, which can be used somehow to secure/chain the chest/box in place. But I don't know if there are any Metal Chests/metal boxes...
  18. 2004 crv air box screw seized

    Maintenance and Service
    Was going to replace the air filter on my recently purchased crv but one screw on the air box is rusty and seized it is a Phillips screw that also fits a 5/8 socket but the screw is rounded off and rusty, does anyone know a way to remove it
  19. manual gear box oil change

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    I have a 2008 crv manual 2.2 ictdi which l bought in april l have changed the oil in the rear axle , engine oil and filter, got the oil to do the gear box problem is l can see the drain plug (bottom of gear box at front of gear box , can see the fill plug under the battery (which l believe you...
  20. Thoughts on new roof box?

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    I have a 2016 Honda CR-V Touring CVT with OEM roof rails and crossbars. I currently have a Thule Excursion TT 667TT. When I relocated last Summer I thought wow, I've had roof boxes that didn't cause as much sway as this one. I'm planning on taking a weekend trip to the Yosemite area this...